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Quote: Originally Posted by johnapril It is technical, whatever it is. My management changes the name and description of what I do on an annual basis. Ditto.
To me, the show lost it's footing after moving the production from Vancouver to LA (between season 5 and 6), which was also when the film was released. The 'stand-alone' (aka monster-of-the-week) episodes from that point on were the only ones I cared for. The 'mythology arc' didn't seem to have any direction anymore. It was like Carter was making it up as he went along.
I was considering a similar purchase at DSW today. Thanks to a BlackBerry Google search - and specifically the Style Forum - Ipassed on the pair of Fiorentini loafers I saw.
Right on right, steel bracelet (TAG Aquaracer), just loose enough to ride over the wrist bone.
I meant that the hair is trimmed a little closer at the hairline. Not sure why I mentioned 'ears'.
Probably goes without saying, but be sure to cut against the grain to ensure a uniform length. I've also got what's called a right-ear and left-ear taper attachment for my clippers so that the hair right against my temples is shorter than the hair closer to my ears. One more thing: At the back I avoid the square cut and opt for a tapered (or rounded) look instead. When it grows in a bit it looks neater. Just my .02.
First owned: Stetson (from Mom and Dad in my Christmas stocking) First purchased (and still worn): Tuscany (saw it in a GQ add when I was 15) I've got bottles of Eternity, Gio, and Safari in my drawer, but Tuscany gets the most complements.
Quote: Originally Posted by JohnnyLaw If you want an all-weather boot that you can wear for business, I would suggest something like this: PERFECT! Unfortunately, I don't have the requisite $545 necessary to procure them. C'est dommage. Thanks for the help.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tarmac did you know they come in black?? Yes, but I meant colouring the stitching (which is white) and the sole plate on the black version. Quote: Originally Posted by Tarmac ...and you really shouldn't wear these with suits. they look like boots Yeah, I'm not being facetious when I say I was going for the same look as the Euro-terrorists at the Federal Reserve in Die Hard With A...
Would it be sacrilege to purchase a pair of Gentleman Travelers (9011) and then have them 'all blacked'? Not to derail this thread, but I'm looking for black boots that I can wear in all weather conditions (ice and snow too), with a suit, dress pants, jeans, etc. I think these could fit the bill if they were entirely black. Should I be looking elsewhere?
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