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I've bought five shirts from Belisario over the last 1,5 years. I must say I'm satisfied with the customer service and the shirts. High armholes isn't something you can choose in the order form but just send an e-mail after the order has been placed and they'll consider it. The seams are sewn with single needle stitching, different details on the shirt can be sewn by hand if you are ready to pay. Two other shirts I bought here in Frankfurt had to be thrown away after a...
Would someone please comment on these ones, EG or not?
Thigh width for the Borrelli pants please?
Yes, after visiting Volgograd a few times I spent almost a year in Moscow. Apart from Nizhnyj Novgorod airport I have been in St. Petersburg as well. I visit Moscow once in a while but I should take the chance to see some others cities and parts of the country as well.
Quote: Originally Posted by CMD.EXE Shto Takoye? Ni polu4ilas zhenitsa na oligarkeh? Women don't zhenitsya... I have left my native country for another European one. I don't want to stay here for the rest of my life but I might not return "home" either. Having studied German in school, fitting in was/is not a problem.
Quote: Originally Posted by Biggen Well she's in NY and just broke of her engagement, so just go out and hit that on the rebound! Correct, in opposite to her older sister who is getting married in June. BTW, if you like them both attending the wedding would be a good idea.
I envy him, he wears $2000 suits.
Thigh width for number 10 please?
Price dropped on both pants. $60->45 respective $40->35
both pants have been sold
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