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Arny's was sold to Berluti a couple years ago. The old shop is gone, replaced by a sleek new flagship store for the "Berluti" clothes brand that they launched last year. None of the old spirit survived.Indeed. I am disconsolate.
Cardinals tend to be old, so the composition changes quite quickly.For the 2013 conclave, more than half of the electors in the college of cardinals were new (precisely 67 out of 117 eligible electors, bearing in mind that 2 did not show up so that they ended up with 115 electors).
Nope, if I am not mistaken, any Catholic male can be elected. Historically, there have been examples of popes who were not priests (monks). Of course, once elected, you have to be immediately ordained priest and bishop if you are not one already, since the pope is the bishop for Rome.For cardinals, they gradually tightened the rules. First, a new rule was introduced where you had to have the minor orders, then they added the requirement to be a priest, then finally in the...
This. People should learn to stop commenting on every useless and badly sourced article Artisan Fan feels the need to post.
I nominate for this thread the entire op-ed page of the WSJ. I might be biased of course: I only read the articles AF links to here. But I have yet to read a single one that did not make me cringe.
To be complete, I don't think there is much of an "economic interests" story here. Mali is poor, no oil, no trade prospects. The only economic intesrest of note is an uranium mine, not currently exploited. I don't think that this figured in the decision, though some commentators are of course claiming it.Majority for, and it was an explicit campaign promise of the President.But a very vocal minority is against. Currently they are organizing demonstrations, claiming that...
Because we wanted the African neighbouring governments to act but it was taking too long and the islamists forced our hand when they launched an offensive South.Yes.I think the whole West is concerned about Northern Mali at the moment. The French government acted first.BTW, there is absolutely no debate about this in France at the moment. Everybody is focused on gay marriage.
What do you mean? The intervention was asked for by 3 UN resolutions, the local president, the African Union and the neighbouring governements. How exactly could you get more multilateral support?
Your forecast rests on the assumption that future growth rates will equal past growth rates. That's not math, that's a wild guess.
Amazing predicting powers, Sunnydale . France's long-term interest rates just droppped below 2% for the first time ever (1.94%). The spread with the German bund is also the smallest in recent memory.I'll grant you one thing: now that we are at the historical lowest, there's not much room left for borrowing costs to keep falling. At some point, in the years ahead, your prediction will eventually be right.
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