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Arny's was sold to Berluti a couple years ago. The old shop is gone, replaced by a sleek new flagship store for the "Berluti" clothes brand that they launched last year. None of the old spirit survived.Indeed. I am disconsolate.
I know two of them in Paris, there might be others.
The places that rent white tie ensembles often sell them too. That's probably the last places where you can find an inexpensive RTW white-tie. Might be worth considering, that's how I got mine.
I live in Paris. I am under 40. I wear a three-pice suit about one third of the time. Although I recognize very few people do, I don't get any stare.
I am resurrecting that old thread since, after years of resisting, I finally bought vests at that shop. Two so far this year, and I am on my way to buy a third. Just wanted to spill that out.
Here is a little background: in 2009 I got a 3-piece suit from a MTM outfit. After a few alterations, I deemed the result wearable, though it had some problems. See the discussion in an old SF thread. Last year I got a new suit from the same MTM outfit, trying to improve on the first one. The result is not bad, but there are still one or two problems. (click on a picture to enlarge) Here is the way the jacket looks when I am moving. I am considering ordering a...
Hey at least I took the pictures with a real camera and not a crappy phone this time. See? I am improving. Slowly.
18 months later, I stumble upon this thread and realize I have never posted pictures my new second MTM 3-piece suit. So, just a recap. In 2009, I got my first ever MTM three-piece suit. The result was not bad for the price, but there were quite a few problems with the fit.I decided last year to order a second suit from the same outfit and tried to correct the small problems I had with the first one. This is the result I got last year. The suit is a bit wrinckled...
I will concede that the French team played a tremendous defensive game, at least.
The French team really did not deserve to win. I feel for the Welsh. It's the second time they lose a match on a dubious referee call.
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