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James Carr - Pouring Water on a Drowning Man Garnet Mimms - A Quiet Place
Received a few pairs of Corgi socks for Christmas. Very colorful. Nice socks.
Dexter Gordon - Our Man in Paris Marvin Gaye - Trouble Man
One of the highlights was seeing Trudie in the short pink nightie. Pete is a lucky man.
I really love your peaches...wanna shake your tree. Steve Miller Band The Joker
A sign in the window advertising outfits for the prom.
Gerry Spence - The Making of a Country Lawyer
Otis Redding - Satisfaction Booker T and the M.G.'s - Green Onions Buddy Holly - any
Also, the Choke at Doak - UF was beating FSU 31-0 at halftime. Amazingly, we came back and tied the game 31-31. Awesome game. - Quote by FlMountainMan I was at that game, about ready to leave when the comeback began. It was great to watch the momentum change on the field and in the stands. Greatest moment. Hank Aaron. April 8, 1974. Still gives me goosebumps.
I guess Lois found out that driving the lawnmower was more complicated than operating the switchboard. Good to see Joan take control of the situation. Also liked it when she told her husband to go to bed and that she would undress him.
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