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just got this from yahoo. amazing heavy black deer leather, big riri zips. only produced for 06aw. unworn condition with all tags, spare buttons, an spare snaps. im too skinny for this style of fit unfortunately or i would never think of selling this. i still feel this is one of the best leather jackets ever made, especially this iteration. may have to consider the women's... im willing to let this go for 2000$ OBO sorry size is 44 contact me with any...
does anyone know if OAK marks down on international shipments?
sup dudes.
oh oops. i didn't even realize you made that original post. heh...
polyrock is (or was) selling that coat on superfuture. he cut off the left row of buttons. i love how they took a photo of it on a dior homme hanger too.
i have a pair of new standards in 28. post-stretch, they don't fall off my ass but i can 'slip' them off without struggle while all the buttons are done. i'm going to assume i'm really a 27. so what size would i be in new cures and acne max raw?
Quote: Originally Posted by kapay I don't seem to have any problem shoosing sizes in firefox on OS X. weird. ):
i can't seem to choose sizes in firefox on OSX. don't know if it's been mentioned already or if it's just me though.
right. i've already tried googling places to buy them locally, as i don't really want to buy something so insubstantial online.
i feel so lame asking this, but i am having a really hard time finding some very basic knitted fingerless gloves (in black or grey or natural or whatever, wool or cotton or whatever, no leather!). i've tried places like gap/old navy, some home&garden type stores, some places that only sell cashmere things, some places that only sell cotton things, some dollar stores. i'm in vancouver, somebody help me without recommending some n(n) or whatever ones that cost...
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