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I bought some dirt cheap button downs today to wean myself off of frumpy t shirts and they all have plastic collar things? I should take these out right? lol
I know some of you will probably hate this stuff but I find myself going back to POLO explorer day in an day out. ts not too strong, and feels really great for spring. Whats your daily beater of a cologne?
Anything but chucks Try stan smiths or something by lacoste. Chucks are way over worn.
Since loosing lots of weight, ive really been trying to up my style. I have way too many t shirts and polos and am in really need of some casual button downs. I need something very casual for school and going out in the afternoon. I plan to match them up with various chinos and clarks desert boots. Where would you recommend?
Ive always kept casual semi wrinkled chinos in my closet, but always felt stupid about pairing them up with sneakers. What else can you guys recommend. I wear a sz 12 , so im sure that plays a big role in my mental perception of shoes. I feel like any shoe i wear looks like a clown shoe!
I wear beater jeans with Nice graphic T, Polo or button everyday and really need to upgrade my shoe style. I pretty much wear the same gray New Balance 574s? everyday. I used to wear funky mike dunks but feel im too old for them (Im 22). I just lost some weight and am able to wear tighter fitting jeans with leaner legs. Big shoes are starting to look off, ya know? What would you recommend for a big guy still losing some weight but trying to look good. I'm currently 200,...
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