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I took the pic from this thread, after a quick google images search for an example,
Crocket and Jones Snowdon or Islay. But for the worst days of winter these kinds of boots can't compare to a real pair of snow boots like Sorels or lined Bean boots; not just for the rubber but also the insulation.
Can someone post a picture of it, I don't want to have to download the file. P.S. This is a luxury item. If you have to ask whether the price is worth it, then you can't afford it.
Search the forum (or do a google site search) for "@manton" or "@Will" plus the name of any particular fabric, for a good explaination of its qualities.
You can start with Kabbaz's Discourse on Shirtings, which has been posted on the forums but also available on his website here. It's about shirting fabrics but many of the principles are the same, and covers the basic terminology that you'd need to understand suiting fabrics anyway. I'll try to find something similar for suiting fabrics and when I do I'll post it here.
The terms balmoral and oxford are used synonymously, referring to closd laced dress shoes. I think one word is more commonly British and the other American (not sure which). However, there is an older, more specific use of the term balmoral, to refer to an oxford with a side seam running across to the back of the shoe, also called a galosh (which is different than the other common use of the term galosh, which refers to rubber overshoes like Swims). Here's an example of...
As a supplement, go to the blog "parisian gentleman" and look for the post on the 7 things to look for in a suit.
@jungleroller, wear them with a chunky sweater or a navy blazer.
Online MTM is the way to go. Mytailor/Hemrajani has Acorn fabrics in the $200 - $250 price range. Proper cloth has the best website and are NYC based so you can be measured in person. Their fabric selection is limited, but well curated with classic patterns and colors. They have Thomas Mason, around $150. It seems that one of the best strategies is to invest one great fitting bespoke shirt (or 3 or whatever the minimum is), and then send that shirt to one of the online...
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