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how did you like the rodolfo cisternino prova and how is it compared to your things you've gotten from napels so far?
thanks!he calls this the aurum classic english
waffle weave made for magnifique napoli. i'm having the same one in navy currently made up
just picked up my new shoes and a quick picture of @T4phage's gator mocs
i think that's for aurum. you can email him to get the price for standard mto
he's got his new website up and running http://bonfantitessuti.com
some new patterns for summer that are not on his site but can be ordered via email
When is the fitting due?
he can do it. he made me a suede belt about two years ago. although i don't think he has a large selection of buckles readily available, so you may want to source your own
instead of paone or in addtion to?
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