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Quick update. Patrizio just received confirmation from Adamley that the panama special run will be delivered between 10-12 October. Add another 14 days for the ties to be made and shipped out. I will ask him to send a (crappy) picture of the fabrics when they are delivered.
the old shirtmaker being prisco? the one that currently only turns out air shirts for @P-K-L and some others?
It's here http://www.styleforum.net/t/403427/recreating-a-david-evans-pattern-tie-to-be-made-by-cappelli/0_30#post_7233930 .The grenadine that was mentioned is here http://www.styleforum.net/t/387153/vintage-like-special-run-garza-to-be-made-by-patrizio-cappelli-3-colourways-already-good-to-go/90_30#post_7266588 we are doing a re-run of the burgundy.Subscriptions have been closed for both but Patrizio may have a bit left of the short length he ordered for his shop's...
Found a new shirtmaker btw?
Pow is very nice! Only jackets, no suits?
The old guy in the picture you've attached Sarto is not wearing Rubinacci. It's an older add for either Partenopea or La Vera.
Thanks Cleav! This is the re-run of the burgundy grenadine, although he didn't have a precise delivery date of the panama weave from Adamley he told me that he expected that to be delivered early October. So those should be ready well before the end of October.
Patrizio just told me Seteria Bianchi confirmed delivery of the grenadine on October 20. Ties will be ready and shipped out early November.
Fancy a walk in the Schwarzwald?
Good to see you back posting on SF Shaya!
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