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@dijor is the cardiff 7.5 still available?
the guy is so much younger than paone
@Zapasman are you only posting here to egg on sarto? Looks like that from your post. Ofcourse if you have something to share about Meccariello don't let me stop you. If not, please keep your quarrels confined to the spanish shoe threads. Thanks
could be. i don't know. the david evans recreation was a panama weave. let's see what ed has to say about it.
it's not uncommon at all to cut diagonally. actually when we recreated the david evans pattern with patrizio cappelli a while ago it was cut diagonally
old zegna wool wintersuiting and recent dormeuil summer jacketing (silk linen wool) at ermini (thanks for the tip @P-K-L)
bought some ties and socks at frasi recently and some fabrics and scarfs at ermini (thanks for the tip @P-K-L)
how did you like the rodolfo cisternino prova and how is it compared to your things you've gotten from napels so far?
thanks!he calls this the aurum classic english
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