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why did you trust him initially and ordered a jacket from him ? didn't you see the defects you are now pointing out ?the add is an old partenopea add. not la vera.
imo thornproof is better for pants (and thus for a donegal suit)
And he confirmed he will be back in the Netherlands on 23/24/25 January. Anyone interested to try him can send an email to GeA.Paone [at] gmail.com
maybe because Riccardo was looking at the wrong page of his vass' bookinstead of the right one
Thanks for posting sartodi and keeping this thread alive. Very good that someone ON THE INSIDE is still defending the THRUTH and the TRADITIONAL CONSERVATIVE VALUES of the CLOTHING INDUSTRY But why post this comment in the double breasted thread ? It's a comment about shirt collars, right ? Or are you just posting it here because Hugo generally likes to cover his pot belly with a bespoke double breasted jacket?
Last I heard, 560 and 150 added up to 710
Patrizio asked me to clarify that the 7-folds he sells are true 7-folds and not 12-folds or whatever. This is how he says the seven folds should be counted [I assume @PCK1 doesn't mind the picture of his tie being used (again)].
Special runs are still on hold, because Adamley is having difficulty finding some stuff in their archives. In the meantime, Patrizio just got some new winter ties and some new wool challis scarfs in.
Andrea is a huge fan of @P-K-L's style. He follows him around on Instagram. For the lulz http://instagram.com/p/wJbydGGuJH/
Aren't Luparelli's shirts made somewhere around Napels?
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