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When I just made my post on the special run we are currently organizing via Patrizio Cappelli, I noticed that he has included a bunch of 7 fold ties with hand rolled edges in his outlet http://www.patriziocappelli.it/catalog/index.php?cPath=65. Not a bad deal at €100 if you like the pattern and prefer 9cm width.
All, it seems we met the threshold for three colourways: 1, 3 and 4. As I mentioned to some of you in pm-exchanges the admin last time around was a bit difficult. In an attempt to make things easier for everyone Patrizio asked his webmaster to create a special link on his page: http://www.patriziocappelli.it/catalog/index.php?cPath=66 Here everyone can directly order his special run tie according to his personal preferences. The special page will be open for two...
Sorry. Missed that. My bad. Also just received a pm from LEVOOSH for colourway 4. Thanks guys.
Thanks for your interest! You're still on time. How many folds should I put you down for?Almost mate. PCK1 may be the one that gets us close enough to the 6 meters threshold for colourway 4.Adamley informed us last week they have been really busy after last Pitti and will likely have time to print the silk in October. Making this Summer 2015 ties Once Patrizio has confirmed there is sufficient interest in 1, 3 and 4 we will close this one and try to quickly move onto the...
Thanks for the input P-K-L. Very helpful. Will put these changes through for the next tables!
Ok, colourways 1 and 3 are good to go. Colourway 4 is almost there. We will check whether Patrizio Cappelli is prepared to buy a little extra for his shop so we can also realize colourway 4. We will also be speaking with Adamley to get an idea about timing. I will update everyone once we heard back from Adamley and Cappelli.
I believe €25 europe and americas. And €35 far east. But better check with Patrizio. I think within Europe shipping is waived on 5 ties or more. But I could be wrong. Better check with Patrizio. Just send him a mail ; patriziocappelli [at] libero dot it
Thanks. At €450 a very good investment.
Picked up these when I visited Antonio's factory last weekend. One of the most comfortable shoes I own. They were perfect for walking around Napoli. They are made on the original Kiton last. The construction method he calls "Ideal montato".
Met up with Patrizio last Friday together with T4 to collect some ties and order some new ones. here are a few crappy iPhone pictures. These are some of the remaining old stock fabrics and some new ones that just got in. Mainly madders. The new ones will be in his webstore in fall but can already be ordered via email. Btw, for those interested, we are trying to organize a special run to recreate this old David Evans print in four different...
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