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When is the fitting due?
he can do it. he made me a suede belt about two years ago. although i don't think he has a large selection of buckles readily available, so you may want to source your own
instead of paone or in addtion to?
some even look like this
well first of all they each have their own individual style. bestettis generally are more in your face italian artiginal shoes. and meccariellos are generally a bit more refined. what you prefer really depends on your personal taste. dutch member @punt for instance prefers the lines and curces of the designs bestetti makes for him (i'm not sure he has tried aurum yet though)the sewing of the uppers, the handwork on the shoes, the waist treatment etc are definitely much...
that's a relatively new name for his standard mto line
without mariano's and luca's guidance the old guy is totally lost
iirc the first to popularize him on the www were alden and t4
you could also look into caccioppoli. they have some nice summer jacketings. afaik no comprehensive online source. best is to have a look at their tumblr
you can find it on merino brothers website. it's a nice summer jacketing. no experience making it up as a summer suit. some of the patterns are definitely jacketing only.
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