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also third dutch trunk show comming up next weekend
@pck1 it's a vintage ilcea 'old anil' that i selected when i visited him last summerOld anil isn't made anymore it was from a much smaller animals, the newer one that is now being made is called 'setanil' but the skin is from a larger animal.
gotcha. it will be a while before i can photograph them, unless i ask him to send them to me. initially planned a napoli trip in may which has been pushed back to june.
yes mine. what do you mean other source?
there is a team, who are mainly invlolved with the rtw work. antonio is involved in making every mto shoe both standard or aurum. he is the only one that does designs and mto last making. the stitching is done by a few ladies amongst which is antonio;s wife.
he already has the machinery. some of the rtw lines he makes for isetan are goodyear welted.
antonio has set up the kiton shoe department. has helped with / done the designs, headed the shoemakers. if you know when these were bought (assuming they are not a recebt ebay or outlet purchase, but bought in a kiton shop or menswear store carrying kiton) he will be able to tell weather these were made during his time with kiton. i don't think he will be able to say that he handled them personally.
i seem to recall his wife was due somewhere mid march. he mentioned it when he sent me the pictures of my uppers that it was some of the last sewing work his wife was going to do
he makes last modifications also for the standard line if that's needed based on measurements. there is a mark up for that though iirc.
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