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spacca neapolis?
yes top tie maker
an original tom ford?
np. each time i started reading your posts i was actually hoping they would contain some new information on your ambrosi pants or your dealings with him. but none so far. could you please tell us what exactly was bad about the pants he made you?
ok guys enough of this ambrosi talk. pretty much all has been said. again. and again. much more interested what @dieworkwear can add about iorio and post-rubinacci paone!
Funny you mention Raffaele Iorio. He doesn't get mentioned a lot on this board, blogs or instagram. Or have you seen some of his stuff irl?Why no mention of the post-Rubinacci Gennaro Paone stuff? Imo his work is certainly up there with his contemporaries Gennaro Solito, Antonio Panico and Raffaele Iorio that you do mention.
yes it is manton. the linen is not too coarse tweedy prof. iirc manton bought the same tie for mafoofan. there should be a picture here somewhere. if indeed true i guess i've also been on this board too long. manton's suiting fabric (if that's what you were asking mr six) is a woodhouse nailhead fresco iirc
imo it can very well be paired with a suit as demonstrated here
Patrizio tells me he has enough fabric for two more 3 fold ties
I bought it about four years ago. It's not on his site anymore. Patrizio will check whether he has any more stock when he's back in his shop tomorrow
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