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Thanks. At €450 a very good investment.
Picked up these when I visited Antonio's factory last weekend. One of the most comfortable shoes I own. They were perfect for walking around Napoli. They are made on the original Kiton last. The construction method he calls "Ideal montato".
Met up with Patrizio last Friday together with T4 to collect some ties and order some new ones. here are a few crappy iPhone pictures. These are some of the remaining old stock fabrics and some new ones that just got in. Mainly madders. The new ones will be in his webstore in fall but can already be ordered via email. Btw, for those interested, we are trying to organize a special run to recreate this old David Evans print in four different...
For those who have missed out on this one. Patrizio just informed me - when we were emailing about the new project - that he has a bit left in his shop of the green/red and the blue/pink. The bordeaux has already completely sold out.
We are close to meeting Colourways 1 and 3. No interest whatsoever in Colourway 2 (the inverse). Colourway 4 is at about 65%. If that doesn't pick up I will ask those who have only picked 4 whether they would be interested in changing it to 1. I will also ask Patrizio how much he is prepared to buy for his own shop to help realize Colourway 4 also. Based on the grenadine special run it seems he sells out of most of his own stock very quickly once other members see the...
Laten we het hopen! Ik zie het op basis van het eerste half uur nog niet gebeuren....
You're Dutch as well? Finger crossed!
Thanks everyone for your interest!Have you tried emailing Patrizio Cappelli [patriziocappelli (at) libero dot it]? He ordered some extra of all three colourways. I don't know whether he has any left though.
Very good question, thank you. Everything looks good with SOLARO. It is the most versatile suit one can own. I would pair it with a contrast collar shirt. No socks and soft loafers or dressed up sneakers. Giampaolo Alliata will surely give him double thumbs up and it will get many Instagram likes!
That is what the Adamley design team told to us. They will use the original colours.
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