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yes that was purely business now i'm enjoying a family holiday
yes i have. i think about two years ago. will attach a picture upon return from my holiday.
some bespoke madders and some from the unlined outlet
the printed raw silk and garza/hopsack arrived today. he probably sent these pictures to a lot of you guys. i'll attach them anyway
sometimes you just need more ties
i was about to order this tie from his outlet but it was snagged out of my basket before i checked out luckily he mentioned to me that he still had a few left of the same design in green
i don't know the reference numbers, sorry. the colours in my picture are pretty true to life i would say and quite different that the colours in your links. just send patrizio an email
Selling some of my fabrics #1 Minnis Rangoon re-run organized by Kolecho 3 meters, offering at my purchase price of USD 50 per meter [SOLD] #2 Romentino linen/coton shirting, 1.8 meters, USD 55 #3 Braid McNutt Irish linnen 5 meters, happy to cut this up in two lengths of 2.5 meters which would normally be sufficient for a self lined jacket and patch pockets Brown/beige large houndstooth woven by http://www.bairdmcnuttirishlinen.com for Ralph Lauren. 280 grams p/m,...
yeah seems like i picked a lot of burgundy/maroon ones this timethe pow both in navy and maroon was excellent
c, you ordered the navy one? it was definately the best out of the two
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