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exactly the same what he did with patrizio cappelli.
yep. last piece of an old ilcea baby calf. i selected it when i visited him last summer. hard to describe , but the leather has a translucent quality about it. it's like looking into black water. he was quite heart broken that he had to cut the leather. took me quite some convincing. he initially tought he had one more piece for his personal archive , but this turned out to be the very last piece and ilcea doesn't make this exact quality anymore. it will be made on a round...
nice to see some solito being posted. buttons are most likely not plastic but corozo which is neapoltan default for business suits. agree with other posters that the double pick stitching is more a (summer) sports coat feature. for the tie, you may want to try a four in hand and see how that looks.
i doubt whether they do overseas swatches. but you can always ask. if they don't ask gennaro and andrea to get a clipping at magnifique. i guess the paones will happily mail it to you.
if you really like it you could order it over the phone and gennaro can pick it up for you. he did the same for @Punt who is in the above picture.
it's from the dutch trunk show. it's a fabric from magnifique. i posted some pictures of it a while back in the spoils of napoli thread.
just curious, are you from iran, if you don't mind me asking ?sorry my bad. in meant interlining.
what lining does your tailor use ?
also had a prova ? or just some good old tyre kicking ?
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