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How much are those Needles sneakers?
Got a credit for history preservation. Going to go with either Black MA-1 or Winter Deck Jacket Which do you guys prefer? Seems to fit the bill
They plan on doing anything non-moc toe? Getting really played at this point.
Pretty interesting batch of gear. The covert cloth workshirt is a winner, but at 128 you're pressing into fashion brand pricing. I am kind of interested in that leather military jacket, though it would have looked better in a flat black; that "tobacco" color is a bit cheap. this came to mind
Got my shooting shirt today, sending it back tomorrow. Comically gigantic. I'm generally an L in most brands; this shirt goes down to my knees, and the reinforced shoulders make it look like I have shoulderpads on. Oh well, at least they make the returns easy.
Looks like Gap
I wonder if Aether getting picked up by J. Crew has anything to do with ACL having ties to the brand. menswear incest
The oxford they used on the sunwashed ones from last season was a little flimsy, but I dig the cut and the flap pocket is a nice touch.
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