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Quote: Originally Posted by millionaire75 I read on one of the MMA boards that Jones' dominating win would hurt MMA in that it showed how an exceptional athlete with only three years training could decimate the division filled with experts in various martial arts....meaning all of the BJJ, Muay Thai, etc training in the world can't stack up against a great athlete. What are your guys' thoughts on that? Brock is considered an exceptional...
Quote: Originally Posted by robertorex you've got to be fucking kidding me: He's helped trained AS for a couple of fights now. Seagal is the real deal.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ambulance Chaser Anyone excited about UFC 120 this weekend? It's free on Spike . . . and you get what you pay for. Actually, I am kind of interested in the Hardy-Condit and Hathaway-Pyle fights. I hope the sexy one destroys bisping
Quote: Originally Posted by Ambulance Chaser I didn't see this fight, but I read that GSP had Hardy in a very deep submission that he let go rather than break Hardy's arm. GSP has gone to several decisions recently, but unlike Fitch, he attempts to end fights and inflicts significant damage on his opponent when he does so. I'm already calling the inevitable fight between Fitch and Jake Shields as the most boring fight in UFC history. He...
Quote: Originally Posted by APK The hype for this Farinelli's Redemption Jean has me...a bit uncomfortable, considering what the fallout might be should there be any type of production flaw. Same here. No more buying these the day they come out like I did with the CvsF and MWOC jeans. I will definitely wait for user reviews before I buy. I really do hope these turn out well.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ermac I'm going to get my Slim Jims hemmed today. How much will the inseam shrink after the first wash? Don't want to get them cut too short. Maybe an inch at the most. That's how much mine shrank and that was with hot wash.
Quote: Originally Posted by jet Everything expensive I've bought has been the best, all my worst purchases were cheap shit. Same here
iPhone 4
In my experience, muscle milk has the best taste.
Quote: Originally Posted by Atsui I am expecting $225-$250, but will depend upon exchange rates at time of shipping. Made in Japan by Momotaro. Thanks for the info!
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