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Zegna brown suede chukka .
@Ianiceman Yeah, the're new old stock. Actually, I have 2 pairs. The others were black, and I both get them on ebay , and of course ebay USA as well. It's been so damn lucky because they're look much better in real life. I think now Bally does not make Jodhpurs. You can look at Tod's or Ferragamo, they have some on their site also.
Bally Jodhpurs - NOS. With jeans:
4% paypal fee means that I have to pay 208$ for the Neumok Blue Leather size 8, right?
I placed my MTO derby boots with this shoemakers 3 weeks ago. He fucked up my order (Alden last instead of EG 82; full grain leather instead of pebble grain) but generally I feel satisfied. This is how it turn out.
My second MTO shoes. These are Vass styled monkstraps, made in Vietnam. Much appreciate you guys' criticisms and comments.
Peal Penny Loafers (does anyone knows if this model was made by C&J or Alfred Sargent?)
Could you provide the measurement of the 8.5UK ones?
So these shoes maybe fit a 9D one?
Quote: Originally Posted by NewYorkRanger Alden Cigar Shell NST $old BB Peal & Co Ivory Burnished Calf Wingtips (Great for a Ron Rider antiquing these are) 9.5D (but please note, these are way too small for me and would work better for a 9D and even a 9C. These are beautiful shoes and are as soft as a babies behind...got them from woe who had the same issue as I did with them. Worn maybe two times as evident by the sole. These are Made in England...
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