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Here are some recent MTOs that we have made. Hope that you enjoy!! And stay tuned for GMTO launch in the coming weeks. -Justin
I love wearing suede belts as opposed to leather. I think that you will be just fine in that :-)Thank youAs per double monks I already have two, the Montlake and the Corliss....unfortunately I have no plans to make the common cap toe version.
FYI, we have had huge restock in nearly all of our core models. http://www.jfitzpatrickfootwear.com/collections/all
Thank you!I am hoping so but cannot guarantee it. What color are you hoping for?Yes that will be in the pipeline for sureThank you for the feedback, I will have my webguy look into that and see if we can add that to make it less confusing.unfortunately not. SorryThanks for sharing that my friend!
you must have a great life, full of joy, happiness, love and all of the rest of the things that wonderful people have.Feel blessed for yourself.
Your words mean a lot. There is no greater joy than knowing that people appreciate what I do and how hard I strive to be the best that I can be, as a person and as a company offering products. So thank you for recognizing that, I truly appreciate it.
Ideally yes, I would like to add more options, just that at the moment we are too small to justify the costs of doing so.By the way, who do you wear G width in?
If you want to keep them on the lighter side, use the neutral cream and the dark burgundy wax, but if you have lost a good amount of color and want to keep them on the deeper side, then use the merlot cream and the dark burgundy wax...hope that this helps!
For those of you that might not have yet seen, we have a new drop on Massdrop for our Wedgwood boot. Please see the specs below: Price: $299.99 Sole: City Rubber Leather: Black calf on black grain, Dark Brown Museum on dark brown grain and Burgundy calf on burgundy grain Details; Blind Eyelets and 4 speedhooks https://www.massdrop.com/buy/j-fitzpatrick-wedgwood
Thanks for leaving your feedback. It all helps. And I really appreciate your kind words, they mean a lot.As a self funded company (i.e. family/friend/small bank loans etc and no real investment) the marketing strategy had to be what it is: Free in cost. It was mainly my hard work and favors from friends (i.e. other bloggers). There was no budget to get into print advertising or paying anyone anything. There still isn't really. We can give a shoe here and there, but all...
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