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Just posted info about my upcoming trunk shows in June/July in NYC (Leffot) and Sweden (Spiga3 - Gothenburg & Skoaktiebolaget - Stockholm). For more info, read the post below: http://www.theshoesnobblog.com/2015/05/the-shoe-snob-trunk-shows-nyc-sweden-junejuly.html
Thank you very much for your feedback and even more so for your support in our products. I do appreciate you sharing your thoughts and will take them all on board as they are important to making the brand the best that it can be.For the online site, these are all valid points and will work with my webguy to implement them. Sometimes the platform that one builds the website on is limiting though and without spending a lot more money (on a new platform), some things cannot...
Two great things for S/S: Shades of burgundy/oxblood and Snuff Suede
Some MTO Food for Thought..... just a few bits that I am doing for the Japanese market. Always nice to make things for others that I can visually utilize to understand how something would come up in another colorway.
It was certainly not my purpose to carry it on here. And you are right it has no place in this thread. It is just hard to witness people write silly remarks that are inaccurate with regards to good makers and not say anything. But I made my point above and will refrain now. Hoepfully people get back to admiring G&G as the thread is intended for.Good day to allJustin
I think everyone who agrees with Saphir is missing the point. There is snobbery and there is stupidity. It is fair enough for one to say "I dont like GY welted shoes." Thats an opinion and no one can take away one's subjective viewpoint. But there is a major difference in saying "GY welted shoes are shit." Thats brainless mouth spew. Without doubt, handwelted is better than GY welted. Thats not the argument. The argument is when foolish people (who dont know anything with...
Thanks for clarifying Laufer. That makes sense and had a hunch that it might have been sarcastic but could not be sure.Yes, the debate is so absurdly ridiculous, especially how many people have been brainwashed into believing the idea that only handwelting should exist in the marketplace. What a joke.
I did not realize how much entertainment there was in the G&G thread....this is quite funny (and contradictory) considering the fact that you have a gemmed shoe in your avatar. I hope that you were being sarcastic.This is also contradictory as you say that GY shoes are 'pretend shoes' yet you love your Edward Greens??And what are GY welted shoes pretending to be? Handwelted? Really, said who?GY welted shoes are necessary for 90% of the population that wants to wear Welted...
Only 8 pairs out of 20 left.Sizes UK6 -- UK6.5 -- UK7.5 -- UK8 -- UK10.5 and UK12Don't miss out if you are on the fence. They will go quick.And remember that the patina can be what you want, not only what you see (these are just examples).-Justin
The Rainier I & II and their differences
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