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ah okay, one of those huh....thanks for the heads up.
Do you realize that when you wrote this you one-upped your own previous comment that was also one-upping someone else?
this is the greatest thing that I have ever seen you write...could not have said it better myself
yup, it will be £90 upcharge (ex VAT £75)....
in theory one could do MTO with me now. I have yet to officially launch it as I felt that my "narrow" and "wide" lasts were not quite right, so I am re-making them until I get to a point in which I feel they are ready. I am going to my factory next week so if all goes well, it could all be finalized soon.But if you are a solid normal fitting size, then I could take an MTO order now. I have already done a fair few.
You sir, make those shoes look better than Crockett and Jones ever could! Well doneJustin
Just a friendly reminder for those that may not realize that we offer friendly shipping costs...
I will be sure to let you know when they come out!
For those of you that miss my old Fremont 2 eyelet derby model, I am re-releasing it on the MGF last, this November. Coming in a Bitter Chocolate suede on the City Rubber Sole, it would be a great addition to the A/W rotation! Lots of other new models to come as well, all next month. Stay tuned!
Sounds like Rainier it is according to all of you!as per the blue, well it's difficult to say really as that color is created at there factory. As I am not at mine to oversee the production at each stage it would be hard to ensure that it always comes out the same. This is one of my problems with the factory. I will order a burgundy shoe, and one size run of it will come out a tad bit darker than the previous one as maybe they were a bit more heavy handed in applying the...
New Posts  All Forums: