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yes it is the exact same last and sizing....only that the Ravenna being suede won't feel as restricting in the beginning
They are now in stockhttp://www.jfitzpatrickfootwear.com/products/laurelhurst-burgundy-crust-calfbestJustin
they are actually due to arrive at the latest next week, but hopefully this week.If you PM me or email me at justin@jfitzpatrickfootwear.com, I can let you know as soon as they arrive-Justin
Thank you very much for your post and kind words. I appreciate your support and also look forward to you one day owning a pair!Glad that the shoes of satisfactory quality and fit. Thanks again for your support and enjoy them!-Justin
Our A/W2014 stock has finally arrived and is now available for purchase. We have also had refills in many of our other models. A great weekend to all! www.jfitzpatrickfootwear.com
A trip to the Saint Crispins factory for those interested... http://www.theshoesnobblog.com/2014/12/saint-crispins-factory-visit.html
I am a bit confused as I was talking about buying the actual leather, not shoes from other brands...To buy a shell (which can make 1 pair of shoes), I need to get it from the UK agent that supplies Horween and price per shell is about £120. That is JUST for the leather. After making the shoe, adding the factory and my mark up that would make the shoe near enough £700-£800 or more..... not to mention that they infrequently don't even have enough shells to sell in order to...
Thanks for the order! I do appreciate it and hope that you enjoy them.As per Cordovan, well it's not likely to be honest. The Cordovan industry is like a mafia and it's nearly impossible for a small brand like myself to get the good stuff without paying outrageous prices that will skyrocket my retail price so I don't even bother....used to be that you could get good stuff from Japan but I have since heard that they closed down and the Italian stuff is overpriced....it's...
In MTO you could do that. It would be an extra £90 (ex VAT £75) upcharge. But I would never do it for RTW unfortunately as I purposely added the heel counter to counteract the fact that most brands don't one on their quarter brogue oxfords.For all others wondering about my MTO program and why it has yet to launch, well in theory I am already taking orders for medium width fitting customers. It is simply the narrow and wide lasts that I need to finalize (which I am making...
Nick, glad that you enjoyed the post and thanks for sharing it.When dealing with people outside of our world, i.e. the consumers, you have to mention everything, as they will try to pin it on you later if you don't. If you re-read it (in regards to the water seeping in), you will see that I use the word "rare" and if a botch repair job was done on it. You would not believe some of the horrible repair jobs that I have seen here in London.... It should in theory never happen...
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