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check your DM's
should hopefully have some presells coming soon with the hopes for the stock to be launched in March
based on other people that have worn the Barrie last and then bought my shoes, I have always suggested them a half size down in UK sizing and it has apparently worked thus far. That being, take UK11Hope that this helps
let me know if I should send you an email Andre or if you were just complimenting them.
I am always here to help with sizingfor what it is worth, this model tends to run half size big to your typical C&J or Carmina sizing
I will double check but I sincerely doubt the factory is going to go for that
Group Made to Order is now live at J.FitzPatrick Footwear See shoes below:
love to hear it!Our new upcoming butterfly loafers will be better than the Madison IMHO
same last as the Genesee, probably because I was wearing these with thick socks so was really pushing out the side/top of the pattern. But also with the patter of a chelsea vs the jodhpur, there is more shape to this in per the bottom line of the gore, it should be straight but apparently it cannot be while maintaining the curvature of the line. But I have asked for it to be as straight as possible so will see how they come out on the next sample.
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