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For those interested in seeing the latest creations by Dandy Shoe Care on our Tony II model http://www.theshoesnobblog.com/2014/09/latest-dandy-shoe-care-patinas-for-j-fitzpatrick.html @culverwood did you receive your shoes in the end?
Thank you very much for your kind words, they do mean a lot. I am really happy to hear that you are pleased with your purchase and I hope that you enjoy them for many years to come!My pleasure! Looking good!Thanks again for all of your support.Justin
It's my pleasure! Thanks for your support and I hope that you enjoy your shoes. And not to worry there will not be any "cancellations"....I was waiting for someone snatch those Fauntleroy's up! I am surprised that they stayed available for so long.As indicated in the post, I will try to ship out all orders next week.I managed to do some on Friday but you have to understand that we are a 2 man company with a part-timer and an intern and the intern and my business partner...
is this not the prototype in real life form? (minus the medallion)
Good spot!! That is indeed green (the shoe for sale) and for some reason was listed as the Merlot...sorry for the confusion!Justin
I am half size off from G&G and yes, one size down from US. For example, if you are US10, then you would take my UK9. And if you are a UK10E in G&G, then you would be my UK9.5
The sample sale leftovers are now available online. Please see the post that I wrote about it on the blog to understand more about it with the link to the website within the post http://www.theshoesnobblog.com/2014/08/sample-sale-leftovers-for-j-fitzpatrick.html Happy Shopping! Justin
My pleasure Yannick! Good to see you again and thanks as always for all of your support!Don't worry I understand my friend. G&G is a hot catch and I know that most would jump at the chance at getting theirs at the prices they were selling at. Enjoy your new shoes and maybe the next time around we can see you in a pair of JFP's ;-)Likewise! Thanks for your support and enjoy your new shoes!
@Odd I/O I cant really specify too much as I have not seen them in person. I cant imagine that they are going to used shoes like on eBay, but you can imagine that some customers try a pair of shoes on and are rough with them, bending the shoe to see its flex and thus can sometimes leave the shoe in a rough state and thus not sellable at full retail.... but i dont know specifics Prices include VAT
For a bit of clarification, there are hardly any samples in a sample sale (for shoes). Most sample sales consist of several types of shoes: 1. Factory 2nds/Returned shoes - things that did not make the first cut and/or are used and are thus not worthy of selling at retail price, whether for MTO or RTW 2. Odd stock - old models leftover, things that may have been a mistake but are perfectly fine, maybe a sample or two and MTO's that were never picked up by purchasers The...
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