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A few more MTO's to show you.... The Windermere in Burgundy The Wallingford in Black Calf/Blackwatch Tartan
Unfortunately that will probably never happen as it is simply too risky and costly...sorry. My new last that is about to be released is quite narrow though, more so than my othersThank you!No I am afraid not, think that it will have to be an MTO, but I do have a new navy calf shoe coming out very very soon
Here is a sneak peek of two of my new oxfords soon to be released. I took on many of your advice and did the Rainier on the MGF last in a merlot color. I hope that you all enjoy it (of course with a shine it will look much nicer). I also just received some more replenishment stock on many of my Antique Brown shoes (including the Denim boots that everyone is showing, as well as my popular Tony II model). Check it out. I wish everyone a great weekend! Justin
they have 2 different stocks, which makes things complicated. They are working to combine them (without causing too much confusion) to make it a much more "presentable" sale. It's in the works and when it is all sorted, it will go up here first thing. Can't really say much more than that as it is not really in my hands. Just trying to help people out and get you all some shoes!
it hasn't so much happened yet. Trying to get them to do it, but there is a lot of bureaucracy involved that has yet to be sorted.
It's quite strange to hear of how UPS acts in the US/CA. Here in England, I have always been able to phone up the company and pay with a CC, either prior to receiving the package (they will first send you a letter saying that you need to pay in order to clear customs) or after the fact when they send me an invoice indicating that I owe them money. There is always a number on the paper that you can call up and pay to. At least from this side of the globe... On another...
Thanks for your feedback on this. We are going to look into it. All of this is out of our hands however, as these charges have to do with Custom's Duties and is not something that we are apart of, nor will we know how/when one of the couriers will or will not charge a customer....unfortunately this is not something we can predict. We do mention that all customers are liable for any duties charges (which these types of things are), but we do not know how each courier...
What an MTO of our Magnolia model looks like on the MGF last in Shaded Merlot. #nofilter And by the way, I listened to many of you and made one of my models in this color, on this last, but it is not the Magnolia.... will show soon!
Dear SF'ers, For those of you whom were not able to attend our London sample sales, I have put what was leftover online at the absolute lowest prices can be. To be honest, it was not a massive result (maybe people were still feeling their wallets from the last one) so in reality all of you abroad did not really miss out on much. On another note, there are mainly the larger sizes available (with only a few below UK8.5), so if you have a big foot, now is your chance to...
To be honest, I am not sure, I believe that certain things come with trees and other things don't. I can't be positive. For example, if it was a bespoke reject, then most likely it will have trees as there will be no other shoe that they will fit perfectly.But as a precaution, don't expect trees to come with the shoes. They retail for nearly the sample sale prices.
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