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Sorry just realized I forgot to write back. I am geting rid of these actually. Email me to discuss further as I can order esp. for you
Here is a sneak peek at one of our 5 new colorways in our button boot model, Westlake. We will be holding a presale on Mon, Sept. 5th with stock due to arrive in October Stay tuned for more pics of the other colors
I am sorry they are killing your feet. That also happened on my first/second day due to the band across. It should break in to be good.The sock thing is an inexplicable phenomenon. I probably have about 20 pairs of my loafers (all cut on the same base pattern except shoreline) and one or two of them do this to me too. But it will also depend on the sock. Some socks stay up while others will fall down. I can't gather why but it just is.....I don't wear my shoes so often...
No problem, do you want the insole or outsole measurement?Also, did I recommend you going up? Curious to why you went with UK9.5 instead of UK9
A favor to ask.... If any of you ordered the Fauntleroy in Gold Museum from my last Massdrop, I would love to see how they came out so if that happens to be one of you, could you please post a daylight photo? Thanks a bunch Justin
we can always use Royal Mail providing that the package falls below 2kg. If it goes over, then Royal Mail turns it over to Parcelforce and they charge astronomical prices that we would then have to pass onto the client. Next time simply leave in the notes that you prefer it possible and we will do the weight check and let you know...And thank you for your support, I do appreciate it!Enjoy your loafers
We just received a restock in our Alderwood shoe trees and remember that we have a great deal of buying 3 for £90 (ex VAT £75) http://www.jfitzpatrickfootwear.com/collections/accessories/products/alderwood-shoe-trees-3-for-90
We have just commenced our 2nd Markdown for our Summer Sale http://www.jfitzpatrickfootwear.com/collections/sale
Some MTO's from 2016 to show. As of now, MTO fees are only £90 upcharge per pair (ex VAT £75) whether shoes, loafers or boots......that is about $100 for those of you in the US 2016 is the year to get an MTO because as Brexit has greatly affected the British Pound and prices are always rising at the factory, I will say that come 2017 these prices will change and boots will have a higher fee. I just want to forewarn those that are on the fence... Hopefully you like what...
@Adamjonzey I think that you might be able to explain this if you have the time?
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