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Our Summer sale has just begun on www.theshoesnob.com for those of you in need of shoe accessories. Shoe sale to come soon all orders to UK have free shipping and all orders to the US over £100 also have free shipping.
Thanks for your kind words, I do appreciate them.Here is an older model of mine that is my version of a tassel loafer. It is called LESCHI
I am not one to slag off another brand to make mine look better but I just realized that with the recent drop in the pound our shoes come to about $350-$360 (average price). That is about $40 less than Allen Edmonds and Paul Evans NY (and I will say proudly that our shoes are superior to both of them in all aspects), just to give you all a bit of perspective on how good it is for a US customer to be buying UK based shoes at the moment. Food for thought.
I know of a possible solution but it is risky as that is a crust leather. You can use a blow dryer to heat the leather and by doing that you might be able to smooth out the spots. But as I said, due to it being a light colored crust leather, you run the risk of darkening the shoe.
Thank you David, I appreciate that and hope that you will be pleased with it
well, we sell wax polish at www.theshoesnob.com or you could always use Saphir who makes a very good product
Yes, I am quite sure as I do it all of the time when sending out my shoes. Wax is not strong in pigment so it won't affect the color but rather simply bring out the undertones.And thank you for your subscription, I do appreciate that.
To those discussing Museum calf allow me to explain a bit. Museum calf was originally created by Ilcea out of Italy. This is the one that Lobb uses and I am sure that VASS does too. Museum calf is just a term created by John Lobb. It's real name is Radica leather. Only one other tannery (Italian) that I am currently aware of (until I go to Lineapelle in Sept to see if more have followed suit) has since copied the idea of Museum calf. But ilcea is the most famous and I am...
sorry about that ;-)I cannot say for sure if I will add these to the A/W2017 line up to be honest. That depends on how many people start requesting them. It is a possibility but I won't think about the colorways until at least January
some new MTOs that just hit: 1. New model Delridge that was derived from the Holman, by removing all brogueing and adding a cap. I didn't realize until I got it that I think it was made to look like the infamous Galway by EG. 2. Genesee in Walnut Museum calf (Cordan) on LPB last 3. Northgate Austerity Version 4. Northgate sans all stitching/brogueing/caps/counters etc. 5. A new design hopefully dropping S/S2017 I hope that you all enjoy the new...
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