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I know you weren't being serious (in a harsh way)....think that both of those were out of 9.5 before the sale even started unfortunately.
those boots in the picture above with Museum calf won't be released until a/w2016 I am afraid. That was just a sample that I got recently. I have already put my order in for this a/w collection so have to wait now until next year to make those....the pull tab is not usually that long, don't know why it came out like that
most of the actual sale shoes had a uk9.5 in stock. The samples and seconds were all odds and ends and don't think that there were in fact any uk9.5....sorry
@CanadaCal think the ones you can buy are 4mm...but the ones that come in the shoes are 3mm. Well, might be a good time to just get into one to try them out....just saying... next sale will be in Jan if not
Based on that, I would say yes, stick with the uk8.5
My loafers actually run tight. I designed them as such so that people took their same size in oxfords as opposed to sizing down as many people do
Based on that you should be my UK10.
Our Summer Sale has just begun. There are lots of goodies in there (including some actual samples) so don't miss a chance to check it out. As always shipping to the UK is free for all shoe purchases. On the sale, shipping costs £20 to all countries in the EU (incl. Norway and Switzerland), Canada and the USA for the purchase of 1 pair. If you purchase 2, then the shipping costs are waived (assuming you select DHL or UPS). Select countries such as Singapore, HK, and...
Dear All, We have received a restock in our Magnolia cap toe oxford in the Antique Brown color for those that might be interested. Also, remember that you are able to add indented (flush) toe taps to all shoe orders by going to the accessory section of the boutique and adding them as a product to your order. Please also remember that shipping is FREE to the US and Canada with UPS and DHL....via Royal Mail costs an...
Thanks for your feedback Clee!Will do!
New Posts  All Forums: