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I've done a bit of research and found many similar frames but nothing yet that matches. Does anyone know the designer? I would really appreciate it.
Gucci jacket. Tom Ford era. Suede shoulder trim with suede elbow patches. It's already my favorite piece I own.
It's not Zara. I used Zara as a tag. I sold a Zara jacket for 275 a couple months ago. I sold a 40 dollar pair of Vans for 175. It's all about finding the right buyer kid.
It's neither Hurley or Quicksilver. I don't think most people on here have heard of this brand. The site for this brand doesn't even work anymore.
I just bought two of these after I found out who makes them. It was very hard to do. If you want to buy one I can list it on my Ebay account. I'm only going to sell if the price is right. This brand doesn't seem to be around anymore so these are very rare. Shoot me a PM if you are interested.
Actually one of the jackets he wears in season 4 is made by Zara. I know because I have the exact same jacket that I bought when I was in Chicago a couple years ago. It actually might be a slight variation because Zara constantly updates and pulls clothes, but you wouldn't be able to tell. Here's the jacket I'm talking about. I was actually wearing it when this episode aired and it was so weird.
I watched this show from the pilot until the end. I was fascinated by the clothes on this show. It wasn't just the clothes either, it was the set design. Ryan Murphy said in the DVD's that he had Christian almost exclusively wear Gucci or Prada suits. Although he does have on some Versace underwear in once of the earlier episodes. I think the post above nailed it. A huge thing was no pastels.
Nevermind, found a size chart.
Can you post measurements on shirt 5? I'm guessing medium is 15.5. Please update.
Quote: Originally Posted by pvrhye I hate Zara's tendency to make something almost nice, then add in a ridiculous extra detail like fake leather. This is so true. I bought a jacket when I visited a Zara in Chicago. Later when I was looking at it, I just kept wondering what the purpose of some of the details were. That's all they were, details, zippers the had no pocket. I heard the take clothes that don't sell and redesign them. Constantly...
New Posts  All Forums: