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If you're still looking for one I've got one from Dior.
Quote: Originally Posted by bigbadbuff I'm about to start getting more serious about daily face care... would anyone recommend a facial to 'wipe the slate clean', so to speak, or just go right into product use? Personally, I've been using the Dior Homme Dermo facial cleanser for the past two months, and it has been hands down the best cleanser I've used, and I've tried a lot of different ones. I was really surprised too, at first I thought...
Not to derail, but does anyone know a site where you can buy and sell higher valued (10k +) wrist and pocket watches?
Quote: Originally Posted by ghulkhan geller trilby in black sample from geller himself What? Is there sample sale going on or something?
Send me a PM, I have a size 30 MIJ Indigo 19cm on hand.
The price is not firm, btw.
As the title says, I have a brand new pair of Black Edward Green shoes. They're the Edinburgh Opera Pump in size 8.5US. They're on the 100E last. Brand new, never worn. Asking $500.
I have a size 36 Navy suit from Paul Stuart that I want to sell, it's brand new with tags. I'll check out the measurements tomorrow morning, it might be good for you.
I'm pretty sure you'll just look ridiculous. If you want to look stylish, do it by changing up the style of the white shirt, or the shape of the black tie.
I recall reading recently (I believe in GQ) that Prada has started selling single link cuff shirts. Of course, they're probably priced at around the same price as a MTM shirt from most companies
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