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Absolutely, you can buy the jackets separately.
Nope, New York, but I've travel to Asia often, and last October there were no sales at any of the SLP boutiques, went back in January, and plenty of sales. If there's something you're looking for I may be able to help out though.
I think it's too early in the season for any sales, they may have sales from last season's goods, but I'd doubt it.
Some items sold, prices dropped. Accepting offers
Truth be told I don't always wash my shirts every time I wear them. But then again I usually don't get then dirty and I don't sweat through them.
Considering the retail price of the shirt, dry cleaning is a relatively minor expense.
Champagne colored MIJ jeans, I believe from SS 07, size 27 19cm $260 White Super Slender 17.5cm jeans from SS 08, sizes 28 and 30 $200 8s9d.jpg Note: The one pictured has a small red mark on the leg, which is from a piece of cedar, and I'm certain it would come out. I have two size 28's, one pictured, and one perfect. The one pictured would be $160. SS08 "Made in the Shade" or "New Emperor" (I honestly can't remember ....) Jeans, size 28 19cm,...
As a lot of you may remember, I used to do a lot of proxy services for Dior Homme (and similar brands) back in the day. A few location and career changes had forced me to cut back; but as I realized as I was taking inventory of my stuff, I have a LOT of stuff that I had bought for one reason or another, and they're just sitting around waiting for a home. A few sudden unexpected expenses are also helping me get off my ass and get this out the door. The majority of the...
Well, it's been a while since I've been around these here parts, but I used to sell a lot of Dior Homme back in the day over here, and on SuperFuture. I managed to rack up a large amount of overstock clothing that I never really did anything with, figuring one day I would need them (in case I lost or gained a lot of weight). Well, a few unexpected large bills and expenses has helped me decide what to do with them; get rid of them as quickly as possible. Below are all of...
The basics rarely do, the seasonal ones do during the end of season sales, at department stores at least. The Dior Homme boutiques no longer have sales, apparently.Looking for something in particular, I might be able to point you in the right direction.
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