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Only got 1 issue of LAST
Lazarus... I've got 15-18 issues of Leon and Men's Ex that I want to get rid of. I'm in Midtown East during the week. I bring the box, you take the box. Send me a PM if you're interested.
*resurrects dead thread* Went this morning. 10/27/2011. Thanks. C. Beggar! If you haven't been, they hold the sale at a small room on the 29th floor @ 530 8th Ave. It's about 3 rows of 5-7 racks of suits, blazers, sports coats, with a huge shelf of scarves, gloves, hats, and ties. The dress shirts are long the sides. Lots of socks. Tie clips and cufflinks are by the register. Lots of thrifty and geeky looking guys looking for a deal. There was this hilarious set...
didn't want to resurrect an old thread http://www.styleforum.net/t/72357/exquisite-expensive-business-cards-where-do-i-find But in the market for some. WIA.
So you're saying they already have 100K (or some amount close to that) and just need 7 more?The whole thing sounds confusing.THEY NEED A PROSPECTUS, THAT WILL SIMPLIFY EVERYTHING!
As a West Indian, I find this highly amusing.
Not that i'd wear any of the stuff, but BK Circus has some dress shirts, jackets, and trousers. Two Inch Cuffs looks like a mini J.Press/Gant/Polo wannabe http://twoinchcuffs.com/ So the gap between Bape/Evisu and Brooks Brothers.
1) The blogosphere is buzzing cause 2 Inch Cuffs is trying to raise 7k http://www.indiegogo.com/Two-Inch-Cuffs-The-Cuff-Shop 2) The guy @ Brooklyn Circus "After graduating from the State University at Stony Brook with a degree in history, he studied graphic design at the Fashion Institute of Technology. He worked as a graphic designer by day and club promoter by night. But his high-wattage personality did not lend itself to a desk job, so he scraped together $8,000 and...
Why not do your market research by pulling the name brands from all the various clothing porn threads? Cause this way seems awfully lazy.
From CEGO. The pink end-on-end was from that Flusser close out sale that one of the forum members held.
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