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Are the KMW on Revolve made in Japan or made in China?
Okay, thanks for keeping me updated.
Los Angeles
A lot of complains in this thread, especially considering he looks better than 99% of the people in WAYWT.
Why is everything the unions fault? When anyone questions executive compensation on Styleforum, every conservative comes out of the woodwork to defend them making arguments like, "Of course they deserve it, it's their leadership and management abilities that makes the company successful and therefor they deserve that compensation." If that is the case, that executives get a disproportionate amount the reward due to their management and leadership abilities, shouldn't...
He's pretty normal.
Use whatever gets your job done faster/more efficiently. No OS is perfect, they all suck in different ways.
Set The Juice loose!
My secondary monitor is to the left, primary to the right. Had to blur out some stuff...
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