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I'm going to be commuting by bike about 15 minutes to work (maybe the bus, but what works for a bike should work on the bus) and I need to figure out how to make it work. I have used a backpack to carry my laptop and some limited documents/books and then had my gym stuff and some toiletries in there, but everything gets messed up and crumpled and it's a pain in the ass. Also, I've never gotten the routine down to where I can keep work clothes (business casual) from...
I like all of those, although Monocle seems a bit iffy as far as utility, but I'll ride it out and see. Any other suggestions?
I don't entirely know how to describe it, but yuppie seems to cover it pretty well. I'm looking for things on the web and in print that are aimed at yuppies, things like food, men's style (not high-fashion or all hipstery stuff, just business casual mostly), culture, entertainment, current events, et cetera. So far, things that are kind of in that realm are: The Economist, Google News, local newspaper online, this website (although it's more to sort through than I'd...
Any passable reversible belts?
I'm going to be working at a professional workplace this summer that is normally the type of place everyone wears suits, but this particular company is known for letting people wear whatever they want (including sandals). I'm a bit tattooed up, so in aiming to do chinos and button-ups, look decent but not over-dressed. This means probably tucking in my shirt, and quite frankly I never do that. I have one belt (that isn't a black dress belt for my suit) and it is most...
I want to buy some gourmet sweets for someone's birthday, but I'm not really sure where to look other than See's (and I want to see if I can do better than that). Suggestions? I was hoping to get this online and just have it shipped to them (where I am isn't a mecca of retail).
Not spending $400 on boots.
I just moved to a place that actually has winter, and I'm realizing my torn pair of Nike Free's (which I need to replace), my falling apart running shoes, and converse (as well as some dress shoes that aren't appropriate for everyday use) aren't going to cut it. As an everyday type choice with jeans for cooler weather, I'm thinking these: I've been looking on 6pm.com since I gotta outfit myself for winter on a budget and I need a lot of things, so this seems decent for...
I've been using some cheap cologne for the past while and it's finally about to run out, and I'd love to pick up something good this time around. I think I'm going to go with Armani Code, as I've had it before and absolutely loved it as an all around scent. What place online is reputable and has the lowest prices on scents?
Quote: Originally Posted by Serg SF job market is tough? Seems like its booming, at least in my field. What field is that?
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