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*edit - found the large
For Sale/Trade New Dune Kake sz L 200 New Skittles sz 31 300 Worn 1x Midnight Mercer Half Zip sz XL 125 Want LW Kake sz L sz 31/32 Neros/Harlot/MrP
Whoops guess you can't link grailed, Classic Varsity 49 +1 length 225 within US Worn and well cared for Shoulder 18 Chest 21.5 Body length front 24.75 Body Length back 27 Sleeve shoulder 27.5 CWU 50 425 shipped Brown Lamb with matching Cupro lining Pit Pit 21.5 Shoulder 18.5 Mid 20 Front Length 22.5 Back Length 25.5 Sleeve 26.6
Was watching it for the past few days and sizes continue to go in and out of stock. This morning there was a large for 166 that I grabbed.
FYI Bogota in black is going in and out of stock on saks for 166~
What belt did you pickup^
Are you using an ipad?
Looks like that Barneys glitch is fixed
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