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Norcal apologies for the lack of paragraphs. Duly noted, though I think I should probably avoid this part of the forum and spend more time in the part concerned with style.
Piobaire, you are correct in that I did not present an argument, but I believe you can infer my position from my post. Besides, I think I made myself sufficiently clear in my follow-up post. Also, you need to dial down the condescension. I am not an idiot or champ or whatever other nicknames you can come up with. I don't know you and implore you to stay on topic and away from the constant name calling. It's tiresome and really does the conversation a disservice. I think...
Also, I am no fan of Obama, but my distaste for his brand of empty rhetoric and strategic populism likely originates from a different place.
So, it seems few on here have actually responded to my actual argument or provided much in the way of a solution to the current conundrum. I am guessing most people here are very free market and pro-capitalism in which case I imagine you have noticed the US economy has been flat lining for a few decades now. One of the big drags on the US economy is debt overhang. Virtually all recent grads and early to mid career individuals are particularly negatively impacted by the...
Is SF really that anti education? It's as if everyone here is self taught or the type of rich that never had to take on student loans. I, for one, am fascinated by the apparent lack of self-reflection. America, which consistently ranks last in education, not in small part due to the immense costs of education, is now evidently populated by a motley crew of nefarious individuals who have nothing better to do than game the higher education system.
JakeLA my apologies. Clearly I am a d!*k.
Boss sale is one of the few true sample sales that has a decent amount of merch. It's probably pretty picked over at this point, but the selection is solid and price to quality ratio is quite good imho. $150 for sportscoats, $250 suits, $60 sweaters (even cashmere), $35-40 shirts. Overall, I think it's one of the better sales as you can pick up solid basics for prices that are pretty much in line with H&M and Uniqlo.
added Boss Cargos
New Posts  All Forums: