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Comedies are slept on but Trading Places had some great fits. Check Eddie in the db.
Raleigh Denim, APC and Unis when she made denim back in 08.
I just wanted to chime in. I made an order a little over a week ago. It shipped within 4-5 days and got her on Thursday so the turn around was under ten days, which I thought was very impressive. First impression, the fit is solid, especially given that it's online, and I have local tailors who can make minor tweaks. The fabric is great for 20 bucks and the collar nice. The fusing on the cuffs could be softer, which is my only real complaint. I might take the plunge and...
Do you have anything supporting information for the statement above. Research, at least from what I have seen, has shown this not to be the case at all(FBI, University of Florida research, etc.).
I think by default discrimination is something that the average white male has a very difficult time associating with. I think a lot of it is subconscious and institutionalized, but some of it is overt and quite obvious if you pay a little bit of attention. Not to say this is one instance, but being young and black is in general not something that results in the best service from a lot of high end establishments. Ironically of course, minorities and especially black people...
It started today. Founding Member sale that is.
IMHO I think that the issue is the same. The sleeves ride up, because there is not enough give.
Jaggs that is the conundrum of the uber-fitted shirt. Imho the best way that you could add flexibility is by adding side pleats. Some might disagree, but if you are complaining about tightness across the back that should help. Caveat emptor it does add extra material so it wouldn't be as slim.
last drop then ebay
Shoehealer FTW. Richard is truly a gentleman and an absolute pleasure to deal with. Best online customer service I have come across hands down.
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