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I don't know if being treated with courtesy and respect is the same as being given the royal treatment. I don't think one should ever underestimate the importance of customer satisfaction. C&J is not the only game in town so it makes sense to not be pricks if only for economic reasons. As for me, I rather be left alone, but I also don't feel like it's my job to run after sales people to convince them to sell me their wares.
I wouldn't be surprised if it had a lot to do with raw material prices. I feel as if the cost of labor even in the last three to five years has remained relatively stable, but the price of all raw materials has increased exponentially.
Well there are usually minor details just like with any other luxury brand that hits multiple price points. In general, the materials will be slightly better, the finish slightly better (leather detailing, no visible Burberry check, etc) and Prorsum is usually made in UK or Italy, whereas Brit and London are often, if not exclusively, made in China. It's a bit of a generalization, but for the most part that is it.
So would it be fair to say that the double breasted suits and sportscoats at the RL sales were not in staple colors?
4x2 or 4x1?
Phoenixrecon makes you wish there were more people on SF that shared the wealth rather than the front running that seems to take place whenever people share PSAs. Well done sir.
Comedies are slept on but Trading Places had some great fits. Check Eddie in the db.
Raleigh Denim, APC and Unis when she made denim back in 08.
Do you have anything supporting information for the statement above. Research, at least from what I have seen, has shown this not to be the case at all(FBI, University of Florida research, etc.).
I think by default discrimination is something that the average white male has a very difficult time associating with. I think a lot of it is subconscious and institutionalized, but some of it is overt and quite obvious if you pay a little bit of attention. Not to say this is one instance, but being young and black is in general not something that results in the best service from a lot of high end establishments. Ironically of course, minorities and especially black people...
New Posts  All Forums: