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Price Drop. a few items sold and a couple remaining.
messenger sold. pending sale on hugo boss and burberry.
I was at a private event following a movie premiere yesterday and couldn't help feeling sorry for some of the satorial choices at the event. I don't know if it is the same as looking down on people, but it does sort of feel like a parent who is watching their teenager make bone headed decisions. You want to take Reggie Miller aside and tell him that converse sneakers, washed denim and a eight button extra long suit jacket are not an acceptable combination and you write...
price drop
Haha yea it is definitly a nice suit. Thanks. Yes, I will ship to Canada.
I was going through my closet and am looking to get rid of some items that don't see any wear. There is some wrinkling because it's a linen jacket and because it has been hanging in my overcrowded closet. Shipping: I will not surcharge on shipping and handling so whatever the post office charges me will be the associated shipping cost. Payment : Paypal or Money Order. Armani Collezioni Linen Sports Coat 42/L - beautiful blue grayish color Measurements to...
Yes, Tony Blair did wear them to an official function and it was a bit of news but alas it's Britain where even the regular newspapers feature nudity.
Thanks a lot guys. I definitely appreciate the input. I might pick a pair up in brown after all. I guess heres to hoping the back isn't as horrid as expected.
Does anyone here have experience with this particular shoe or any of their limited edition offerings? I am looking at a pair right now on Ebay and they look good from the limited views that are presented, but I wanted feedback on fit, quality and/or any other feedback. Thanks.
Monday is the last day.I am hoping they will have some extra mark downs that day since they didn't add any markdowns yesterday.
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