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Did you take the picture from the GQ spread of TI a few seasons ago?
what sort of streetwear shoes are lookin for...ie more along the acne, filippa k casual shoes or are you lookin for sneakers along the line of Nike Dunk or Common projects...i would try opening ceremony or maybe odin..they have some cool smaller selections of interesting takes
I am looking to find an UK proxy to purchase some stuff for me that seems to be sold out online, but from what I know is still available in store. I am looking for some stuff from Topman. I am willing to negotiate payment for your services should you so choose to render them.
Quote: Originally Posted by onion You mean 89.99. The only time their shirts were below 60 (for button ups) was in their clearance section, but as it is now, has been removed entirely from their website. Which sucks too, because they are a STEAL at 60. I will say though, Hickey is cheaper than BoO by about 100 dollars for shirts. I actually prefer Hickey to BoO, as BoO is pretty bland in style, they run very short, and are imo overpriced. The slimness...
Do you have any additional pics of the oxfords.its difficult to tell how thick the sole is and some of the detailing is hard to distinguish from the angle of the pictures.
Unis on Elizabeth street is having a pretty amazing sale...Saw plenty of stuff at incredible prices (70%) and they also had next Fall's samples on sale below wholesale. They had great raw denim($40-50), denim in several colors, outerwear($150-300) and casual shirts($50-70) ala steven alan and band of outsiders. Definitely worth checking out if you're in the area.
Thanks...i figured this much so i just went ahead and picked em up at that slightly ridiculous retail price..
how'd u know i love me some bathing apes kid...and them jeans with the gullwings is heavy in the streets...but seriously when i m talkin about fashion victimhood i m talkin more in general terms and while I certainly do have some slim and tapered denim i am not a big fan of ball huggin shit..something about that just screams eighties to me...also i wear the shit for overall style not for this years what's hot calendar according to u big fella...
i appreciate you letting me know about my tardiness, pimpin...mayb u could humor me by letting me know what i should wear to b a year ahead...so i can b a cool kid just like u
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