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thanks flieger..if u pm with questions or email them to me I can call Skokum and get a sense of it, but I don't want to call till I have at least 6 people who are in..right now we are at 3
FYI started a new thread
I am arranging a group-buy and wanted to start a new thread so people are not confused. I took the information from shoreman1782 who managed the last group buy and he has been so kind as to give his input about the process so anyone interested just pm and will send you a gmail shared spreadsheet that will be used to take orders. Clearly this is a smaller company, which is not used to really small runs such as this so we want to be cognizant as we set expectations....
Cool. So we have more than enough. I will reach out to Skokum. Pm with your email addresses when you get a chance and I will send out info via gmail.
Ok, so we are up to five? Can we get a roll call?
Ok so we have three and need three more. There's gotta be some demand for MTO varsity jackets made in USA sub $200.
Aspesi Spike Washed Cotton-Twill Blazer BNWT Color: Khaki SOLD Bought from Mr. Porter and looking to sell the blazer, because it just doesn't fit me. I was late on the return so my loss is someone else's gain. Measurements Shoulder: 19.5" Chest: 41.5" Back length: 28.5" (bottom of color to hem) Sleeve Length: 35.5" http://www.mrporter.com/product/179326
I will reach out to them once we have critical mass. I think we need six people so 4 more needed.
anyone interested in doing another one of these?
To add to what doc said, ballmouse as someone who likely joined the forum recently you missed a lot of the background. It's like you are entering in the middle of a conversation and are lacking context. Styleforum has been around for a decade and having followed/been aware of the forum for over half that time, I can attest to the fact that there is much historical discussion about the merits of various brands and manufacturing processes and if you pay attention there are...
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