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Semi-necroposting, but I will be driving around northern/central Italy and was wondering if anybody had suggestions for decently affordable bespoke (likely big city stops include Rome, Venice or Milan). I am thinking in the Eur 1K ball park if possible.
Thanks will take a look. I feel the issues as much if not more in the seat then the thighs so I might just start sizing up and getting stuff tailored.
I have been searching all over the forum, but haven't had much luck. I am trying to find some slim to skinny jeans with a roomier seat and a decent rise. I have had a tough time finding denim with a comfortable top block, because it seems nobody cuts for athletic, but slender builds.
Also in for some 42Ls if there is proxying.
Has anyone had experience with bags with hardware made out of Zamak. Are there any drawbacks?
what's the price point?
Order is closed. Thanks to everyone who has participated.
I sent a prelim order, but am still waiting for payment from a couple of people in order to close things with CKM. PM with your email address if you want to hop on, but I would need information and payment by EOD.
It's been a busy week so I haven't had time to reach out to Skookum yet, but will give them a call first thing next week.
We are finally at 6 so looks like we will be a go. I will circulate an email within the next day or so to discuss next steps, including any additional comments, finalizing order specifics, payments and expectations.
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