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I came across a nice Miller's Oath for Bergdorff suit at the Neiman Outlet and was wondering who made those for them. Didn't feel like the usual suspects from my quick inspection.
Another drop
Price drop.
NWT Baldwin Denim " Henley" 12oz Blackout Size 34 - $69.00 OBO Shipped CONUS Just received these in the mail, but sadly they are a little bit too small for me. My loss, your win. See below for more info and pm with questions. * The "Henley" is Badwin's classic slim tapered fit. It has a medium to low rise, runs tight in the thigh, tapers from upper thigh to lower leg, and has a narrow leg opening. It is a slim fit that has a great silhouette. * Some of the identifying...
fit is great..but i generally not partial to posting full shots...also didn't have time to do all the face obscuring stuff on the run
Sample of the AR0021.
Will try to take a pic, but overall pretty satisfied. The process was cumbersome and tok incredibly long though.
Will be there for a little over a week so not very flexible.
Isn't Mina in the 1,500 range? Also, that's why I mention the region since I will be traveling through Italy by car I am relatively flexible.
Semi-necroposting, but I will be driving around northern/central Italy and was wondering if anybody had suggestions for decently affordable bespoke (likely big city stops include Rome, Venice or Milan). I am thinking in the Eur 1K ball park if possible.
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