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Another drop
Price drop.
NWT Baldwin Denim " Henley" 12oz Blackout Size 34 - $69.00 OBO Shipped CONUS Just received these in the mail, but sadly they are a little bit too small for me. My loss, your win. See below for more info and pm with questions. * The "Henley" is Badwin's classic slim tapered fit. It has a medium to low rise, runs tight in the thigh, tapers from upper thigh to lower leg, and has a narrow leg opening. It is a slim fit that has a great silhouette. * Some of the identifying...
fit is great..but i generally not partial to posting full shots...also didn't have time to do all the face obscuring stuff on the run
Sample of the AR0021.
Will try to take a pic, but overall pretty satisfied. The process was cumbersome and tok incredibly long though.
Will be there for a little over a week so not very flexible.
Isn't Mina in the 1,500 range? Also, that's why I mention the region since I will be traveling through Italy by car I am relatively flexible.
Semi-necroposting, but I will be driving around northern/central Italy and was wondering if anybody had suggestions for decently affordable bespoke (likely big city stops include Rome, Venice or Milan). I am thinking in the Eur 1K ball park if possible.
Thanks will take a look. I feel the issues as much if not more in the seat then the thighs so I might just start sizing up and getting stuff tailored.
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