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Hey, I was never really into flannels, but i recently recieved a white/green/blue western one and i just loved how it looked. I was hoping to get a couple more and was wondering if you guys could help out. Any suggestions on where i can get nice ones? I really do not like two tone ones or ones that have same size vertical bars. Thanks! PS. i was wondering if anyone knew where this one is from and if anyone knows where i can find it?
ah it seems like my 300 dollars shrunk to 180 after lending some money..sigh. are there any decent jeans for about 150? (30 will be for the shipping and all). I don't think im going to be receiving any money for a while so if i were to wait for a better pair of jeans it would take a while. edit// and do non selvedge jeans fade as well? the whole reason why i wanted a new pair of jeans was to be able to enjoy the progressing fades on the them :/
okay so quick question. i usually don't wear tight jeans however i want sicker fades and i heard that you get better whisker fades with right jeans. if i were to size down 2 (so is that a 30-> 28? or 30-> 26 >__>)on some APC NS and wear them for about a year then washed them, would they fit similar to a size 30?
Well im new here at SF..haha. I'm still a kid in HS and for the majority of high school i've worn what everyone else wears..mostly hollister/abercrombie and fitch/express/gap. However i want to slowly start up grading my closet for college because i don't want to be dressed like a fool lol. And i wanted to start with my jeans. I've worn mostly Gap jeans until about last year my grandpa bought me a pair of Giorgianni (spelling? :X) Jeans before he passed away. I don't know...
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