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Used, but still in good condition. Wolf vs Goat overdyed oxford Pinot noir color (pinkish/purpleish red/wine) Size small Top collar button is missing - but you can ask Mauro for a replacement - he's sent those out for free in the past before. Retailed for $180ish. Looking for $45 $40 shipping CONUS. International shipping is at cost, and depends on what shipping method you'd like. Paypal fees are INCLUDED. Measurements per WvG website: Chest: 20" Shoulder: 18" Sleeve:...
Oops, posted in wrong thread. Mods, please delete =)
oops, posted in wrong forum. mods, please delete =)
I'm down to split shipping - OH here. Let me know if you guys are doing it.
It's a single piece, believe it's the Armenian. It came in a ton of different fabrics/colors.
Mine hasn't really shrunk despite trying to wash and dry on hot.
Wool is softer than Sterlingwear's traditional peacoat, I believe. Been years since I felt one, but that's what I remember. It's not soft like suiting wool by any means, but it is softer than a lot of wool outerwear. On the other hand, given it's softness, I was a little disappointed that it wasn't a bit thicker. It's not the warmest wool either. But can't have the best warmth/weight and feel all together. The collar used to stand up on it's own when I first got it. Now,...
If your order online doesn't show anything about that, I'd dispute with your credit card company. Item not as represented/item ordered was not item delivered.
Haha true, it does sound weird. But it makes sense considering we're wearing them on our hips rather than our actual waist given the rise.
Think you misread me, Mauro. I was basically saying how the predators aren't that slim once you've sized up for your actual waist measurement. If the waist was vanity sized with the current slimness/cut, it would be perfect to me. So if the new chinos are cut/sized exactly the same, this cut just isn't for me unfortunately.
New Posts  All Forums: