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Was thinking about grabbing, but shipping was $14 for me. wut. Still cheap, I guess...
Had to dress up today. Liberty tattersall shirt. *edit: for the contest
Acne Max cut would be great. Those are probably my favorite fitting pair of jeans. Slim top block, with a good taper. In terms of actual numbers, and I know it's extremely variable per person, but I like a 6.5"-7" leg opening on a size 29/30.
I realize it's hard to see how the long sleeve v-neck really fits/looks under a sweater. But in any case, I wear mine all the time. It's so damn comfortable. *edit: for the contest
Awesome pair of jeans due to the unique petroleum color, which was used in several pieces in this collection. It's a dark, dark green that varies from a lighter black to a deep forest/jade green depending on lighting condition. Haven't seen unique color like this and would love to keep it, but the calves are too skinny for me. Waist is a liiiittle larger as it's supposed to sit low, on the hips. 95% cotton, 5% polyurethane so there's stretch to it. Very soft, comfortable...
Epaulet just released a new denim jacket: Most people who've bought from Epaulet here loves their stuff, so this jacket would probably be no different. At at $165, that's almost Naked and Famous level cheap. Was really looking forward to picking it up on release, but the pockets aren't to my taste.
APC raw denim does go on "sale," just not anywhere near as often as regular seasonal clothes. I believe retailers aren't allowed to put the raw jeans directly on sale, but they are sometimes discounted if there's a blanket discount code for all of a retailer's items. Perhaps it's the same case with the denim jackets.
spot blown. was hoping to sell enough for the adequate funds before it sells. i'm sure it'll sell soon as it looks awesome at a good price.
worn twice, so dropped a bit.
@mothball combo looks good, but texture on that denim jacket looks great - what is it?
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