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Quote: Originally Posted by pseudonym Any sales for Clarks Desert Boots? Footlocker has them for cheap, but only in size 7 (I'm size 7.5). Any help? Thanks. I'm sure you know since you've looked in to buying them...but just in case. If you're normally 7.5, the 7 in DBs will work for you since they run about a whole size big. So hopefully you mean you're 7.5 in other brands
Fryes fit TTS?
It should end up being fine.
$60 shipped with the box, $55 without.
These are for sale now.
Haha, thanks v3l, ordered a pair from FL. Upgraded to the 3-5 shipping cause I'm moving out of my apartment in a week, haha. Sooo, they really need to get here in 3-5 days :-p
^My Sperry is laced different from my Quoddy though. With Quoddy, the lace that you tie the shoe with is the same one that is wrapped around the back...not the same with Sperry's.
^Will definitely be trying that in my room this weekend...but it feels like the last itself is too small so I'm not sure if it'll stretch enough. Thanks for the confirmation that it does at least stretch though!
Okay, looking to sell now as doesn't seem like they'll stretch enough. Looking to recoup my shipping costs as well. So $60 shipped without the box, $65 with. (Can do the whole Gilt package, but they sent it in a BIG box, will be much more expensive). You probably know what they look like. If I really need to, I'll get pictures later. Size 9, but fits like an 8 or 8.5 at most. Only worn inside my to try and get it to stretch.
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