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Ann D jacket is too large for me, so up for sale it goes! I know a lot of people showed interest before I purchased it off another member. Measurements: Tagged size medium, feels like it could fit a 40R, despite chest measurement. Shoulders – 18" pit to pit – 20" waist – 18.5" hips – 20" length from bottom of collar on front – 24" length from bottom of collar on back - 27" arm length from shoulder – 26" arm length from pit – 20" 97% cotton, 3% spandex. Made in...
Quote: Originally Posted by b-ill I signed up for the O'Connell's newsletter but never received the $50 off... When you checkout, just put 50YR in the comment/promo code box. You won't be able to update the price to make it sure it works. However, when you place your order, there'll be a message saying you entered in 50YR, which is good for $50 off a $100 purchase. I also messaged them to ask to confirm the code works. Credit card was...
^OConnells? Cause 50YR gets you $50 off $100 or more.
Quote: Originally Posted by cristeza Give them a call, they are extremely friendly. Check your spam folder. Hahaha, I'm an idiot. Found several emails confirming the order from them. One of their emails got to my inbox so I thought it wouldn't go to spam. I'll still need to call to see if there's any kind of tracking though. Thanks.
Does anyone know how long OConnells takes to ship product out? I haven't gotten any notification of shipping or tracking info. Ordered on Sunday and I got a reply regarding a coupon I used on my order on Monday...didn't mention anything about the item being out of stock...I'm about to call them tomorrow, but was hoping someone here knows.
Quote: Originally Posted by bossman08 Probably bamboo blend...is 100% bamboo fragile or too thin? How do those shirts fit? are they comparable to the fit of a Banana Republic tee? I find those fit pretty well. Don't own any 100% bamboos so I can't comment on that. They fit pretty similarly to BR fitted t's. Main differences: Sleeve opening on the bamboos are slightly larger and it doesn't stretch out as much over the course of a day....
Are you looking for 100% bamboo or a mostly bamboo blend? I get 70/30 blends from "Organic Garments Co." You can order a bunch wholesale from the company directly, or you can order either individual or packs of 3 for about $9.50 each on eBay (wholesaleorganicclothingliquidation). Sizing isn't super consistent, but just barely enough to notice - mainly in the sleeve opening.
Gah! I wanted that exact pair but was sold out...went with the white soles instead. Though glad to hear they fit large haha.
*shrug* Most of the black sole is gone, so I had to go with the white sole. 8.5 E for me. Quite a few sizes of the C and E widths left. Plenty of sizes left in the mocassins though.
Purchased a pair of the brown boat shoes from O'Connells last night at 3:30...hahaha. Hopefully they'll be in stock tomorrow when they get shipped out.
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