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^Will definitely be trying that in my room this weekend...but it feels like the last itself is too small so I'm not sure if it'll stretch enough. Thanks for the confirmation that it does at least stretch though!
Okay, looking to sell now as doesn't seem like they'll stretch enough. Looking to recoup my shipping costs as well. So $60 shipped without the box, $65 with. (Can do the whole Gilt package, but they sent it in a BIG box, will be much more expensive). You probably know what they look like. If I really need to, I'll get pictures later. Size 9, but fits like an 8 or 8.5 at most. Only worn inside my to try and get it to stretch.
BR smalls work okay for me. Arm sleeves sizes are a bit inconsistent though.
Ohhh, so it IS mostly a Vietnamese sauce. Interesting article.
Crap...I got the tan sueded chukkas in my regular size...plus I have wide feet too :-\\. If it doesn't fit, for those interested, I got a 9 >_<
Wait...since when did 45rpm's fade quickly? I say Flatheads if you're a size 30 :-p
Finally decided to buy a navy/white oxford...but size s is sold out now. Doh.
Came back from classes today to these: Woo! I think ideally I'm a 8 EEE. Got these in a 8.5E and they're a tad narrow for me...but many have said that the leather will stretch so I think these will fit great after a couple of wears.
Not exactly NYC, but O'Connells in Buffalo has some.
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