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Are you looking for 100% bamboo or a mostly bamboo blend? I get 70/30 blends from "Organic Garments Co." You can order a bunch wholesale from the company directly, or you can order either individual or packs of 3 for about $9.50 each on eBay (wholesaleorganicclothingliquidation). Sizing isn't super consistent, but just barely enough to notice - mainly in the sleeve opening.
Gah! I wanted that exact pair but was sold out...went with the white soles instead. Though glad to hear they fit large haha.
*shrug* Most of the black sole is gone, so I had to go with the white sole. 8.5 E for me. Quite a few sizes of the C and E widths left. Plenty of sizes left in the mocassins though.
Purchased a pair of the brown boat shoes from O'Connells last night at 3:30...hahaha. Hopefully they'll be in stock tomorrow when they get shipped out.
Woo, back from classes and not late...haha.
Bah, and I'm off to classes for several hours now...Hope they're still here when i get back
Quote: Originally Posted by Mazda BR T's are Pima cotton. Only some are, most fitted tees aren't.
I got a friend who is starting to get interested in dry denim...if he gets off his butt and gives me some measurements of the fit he'd like, might be interested in the R+B jeans.
Measurements on the Wrath Arcane shirts, please?
You could try getting the buttons moved further apart as well so that when it's buttoned, there's more overlap of the coat.
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