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Quote: Originally Posted by Mazda BR T's are Pima cotton. Only some are, most fitted tees aren't.
I got a friend who is starting to get interested in dry denim...if he gets off his butt and gives me some measurements of the fit he'd like, might be interested in the R+B jeans.
Measurements on the Wrath Arcane shirts, please?
You could try getting the buttons moved further apart as well so that when it's buttoned, there's more overlap of the coat.
Thanks, Jay. I appreciate it. In the mean time, I'm gonna try and remove the pilling.
There some pilling on the outside. Most of it is on the inside.
hopefully you can see it in this picture 2 3
I'll get pictures either later tonight or tomorrow when I get back to my room. This particular shirt that I have is 100% polyester. Not sure if that makes a difference compared to cotton threads.
I'm wearing my Man of Moods shirt for the second time today and I've already found pilling near the back hem While I love the shirt, but I don't think I see any more MoM in my future for me. Hopefully this isn't normal across all their shirts. I need to get myself a shaver. Any new stock within the last week, Jay?
Wacko, unless you have huge biceps, the medium should work fine. I have a medium in the silver chambray (slim fit, non tapered) and it's like a perfect fit.
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