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I think they were discontinued a few years ago so anything you find now are leftovers. That said, I'm also looking for some myself so if I ever find any I'll let you know...
Something like this: ? Jackets like that seem to be in the range of 25000 yen to 30000 yen.
1. DB/SuFu/SE jeans 2. Eternal wrinkled western shirt 3. Sugarcane belt and I think that's all I've bought at retail in the past two years...
Hm...I think I might order one through Hide-san. Anyone want to order with me to try and save on some shipping costs?
Anyone got pictures of a worn in indigo scarf then? lol.
hahaha, wtf. A+++ thread. Will read again?
Ahhh, too many pairs of denim already on hand
Quote: Originally Posted by JohnGalt thanks for the heads up. i very well may pick up 10 pairs or so. any idea how long this is going on for? Should be until they're sold out. Or they get further marked down to $1.97.
I want a shirt that says "Barbequeing with Bobby Seale."
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