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@mothball combo looks good, but texture on that denim jacket looks great - what is it?
^Was thinking about picking it up, as the styling photo looks better than the posting, but measurements seem to indicate it's quite oversized. 20.8" p2p and 17.7" shoulders would seem more like a 48
Relaxed wear for the all day study grind. [[SPOILER]]
According to the last newsletter, instock items won't be combined with pre-order items for shipping. Not sure how far retroactive that policy will be implemented.
Ordered from Mutiny in the past before, and their service was amazing. Also the nicest packaging I've ever received. I'm considering picking up that W+H cowichan sweater... I don't need anything like that for my wardrobe, but not often you see that on such a discount...
Interesting...Got fit pics?
This is epic. Would pick up the size 4 coat if all my jeans sold so that I had enough money...
Been popping in here occasionally ever since I heard of the black jeans, but this thead moves way too fast to keep up. Is there an ETA for the black od jeans? Also denim jacket? Thanks.
price drop
price drop
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