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Thanks for the tip. The leather version is a little more than I'd like to pay, but the non-leather ones look good.
Small in GBV as well. Majority of my WvG shirts are small BD actually. I'd say the WvG shoulders are slightly smaller.
She'd need an xxxxxxxx small though lol. While the waist cinches, the legs would be balloons on her.
What's the closest female equivalent that you can think of to the flight pants? My gf originally made fun of me when she saw them. Then I tried them out in an outfit and she "could see the coolness and appeal of them." Now she wants a pair, lol.
NMWA has free shipping + returns though, I doubt they'd be up in the SF marketplace any time soon (for less than retail), unless pre-orders aren't covered by that.
I've used Otter Wax on a cotton jacket and canvas bag, worked great. I bought quite a number of blocks of them and have a few left. If you wanted to work something out for one or two bars, PM me.
I was looking at shipping prices as I was thinking I might be able to help out with some proxying. International priority shipping on Gustin's site is showing $23 for me. A 2 pound priority package from US to Canada would be $28 (that's online discounted price too). So it seems like Gustin's actually giving a discount. With domestic shipping $5, and 2 pound first class shipping to Canada at $15, there's really no benefit of getting it proxied (and is just slower in fact).
I really want a pair of those chinos...For the contest: purple long sleeve v-neck shirt. Good relaxed/slouchy yet still fitted cut.
The sleeve lengths on smalls have been consistent. They don't match the charts online though (like 2" shorter), but they are pretty standard length compared to other brands. So I'm not sure how Mauro is measuring them either. I've found the overdyes to be slightly shorter in sleeve length though, like .5"
Olive gingham, unbuttoned the cardi to see the shirt. *edit: for the contest
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