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How to size the shorts - assuming my size is still remaining. Measure current pants measurement and get that, no vanity sizing? Just sold some stuff so have a little spending money for clothes heh.
$200 for 26 ounces is crazy cheap. N&F 25 ounces retail for $500. IH 23oz is around there too. Wish I checked this thread earlier to get in on it.
Hey Mauro, here's essentially the email I sent that didn't go through: I was just asking what sizes of the shorts you have left. Are measurements the same as the bloodline trousers except inseam? How about the the hem measurement?
I, too, bid on that purple parka =p I'd like a fishtail, but wasn't sure if purple would be that great for me so didn't go too high. Great price for where it ended.
Just sent you an email Mauro. Never spent so much on shorts before, and I've never been big on anything flora, but that pattern looks really, really good to me. Might be the vibrant colors that I'm really digging.
How much are the shorts? Been slacking on SF lately.
Thanks for the tip. The leather version is a little more than I'd like to pay, but the non-leather ones look good.
Small in GBV as well. Majority of my WvG shirts are small BD actually. I'd say the WvG shoulders are slightly smaller.
She'd need an xxxxxxxx small though lol. While the waist cinches, the legs would be balloons on her.
What's the closest female equivalent that you can think of to the flight pants? My gf originally made fun of me when she saw them. Then I tried them out in an outfit and she "could see the coolness and appeal of them." Now she wants a pair, lol.
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