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Got my Black x Black in 29 slim. The seat's quite tight....anyone have a 30 slim they wanna trade?
So now with underwear being made in the bamboo/sorona, any chance of a pant in that material? Something casual like jogger pants or Geller's flight pants. Or just reuse the shape of the sweatpants?
Looking for a sand or black suede BCDR, size 45/46.
Pure Blue Japan XX-012 cut, size 27. This is the same denim as the 007/009 just in a slim, tapered cut. Super slubby, with a blue warp AND blue weft. Unfortunately, too slim for me. I couldn't get these past my calves, literally. The waist has stretched a bit from the previous owner to fit a 28 or 29. Previous owner purchased these from BiG, had them hemmed there, and only wore the pair 9 times, so the jeans are very close to new. Hot soaked once before wearing and then...
So along with the no-Instagram crowd, will posts here be considered? In terms of actual color and what it reminds me of immediately - red cotton candy. But that doesn't really sound that good, heh. I think red flamingo would be better, and those birds look pretty cool...
So I only have two of the new(er) short sleeve t's - slate gray and black. Wearing the black today for the first time, I've noticed it is noticeably larger than the gray (slimmest) and older long sleeve v-necks I have. Except for the shoulders, almost feels like the small is a medium. Since the care tag was completely blacked out, it seems the t's are cut and sewn before dyeing. Does the black dyeing process just yield less shrinkage overall compared to other colors? How...
Agreed about the denim jacket. I really wanted one before, still looking for something not $300+, but really didn't like Gustin's design of it. A nice, simple Type III would be good.
Backed the black/black. Interesting that it's about $20 cheaper than the last black/black. Both are Japanese 13.5oz fabrics too. Current one looks more saturated/blacker. Just waiting for a blue/blue to pop up now.
As a really general guide, heavier denim will probably stretch less. But that's very general. What matters more is the tightness of the weave of the denim. Unless you're told explicitly about the tightness/looseness, it's hard to say how much it'll stretch. e.g. my 14oz PBJ 005's stretched WAY more than my 21oz IH 634s (3 inches versus 1.5).
Half an hour later and the 23oz is just sitting at barely 25% funding, stark contrast to the 26oz selling out in less than half that time. I think the same price tag for the two pairs is a bit off putting, combined with Gustin saying the 23oz will be back in July. $200 is still cheap for a 23oz, but I'm sure a lot of people are still thinking, "damn, coulda gotten 26oz for that price." I doubt most people would really notice the 3oz difference, but a denim that heavy is...
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