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Uhh...the fishtail parka IS a military jacket...
Now I kinda regret trying to quantify demand since I have no idea how to translate my opinion to numbers for you that you can use for your actual business. I've seen maybe 5 or so TOJ fishtail parkas in the last fee months on B&S and from what I remember, they all sold for $400+ (retail was $450) in less than a week, many going in just hours. The ones that took a few days went for $500+, typically smaller sizes too. I know, very small sample size. But people seem to post...
Speaking of TOJ and outerwear, people have been going nuts over trying to find a TOJ fishtail parka since they stopped producing it. The ones listed on B&S forums typically go for more than they retailed nowadays despite being used. Based on that, I feel like there'd be a strong market for them, at least on SF, no idea about real world people though lol.
I've found that GVB shoulders to be a little larger than WvG. Pretty similar length-wise. GVB chest seems to vary quite a bit...WvG is one of the most consistent brands I've come across.
Bah, missed the starks at Mutiny. Got the oxblood memento from them...A++++ customer service, would recommend again in a heartbeat.
I'll most likely eventually pick up a pair of jeans given the price and normal quality of stuff WvG puts out. But agreed that fit pics would be a HUGE help given my concerns for the larger thigh measurements.
Wow, natural indigo jeans for under $100? Impressive. According to the size charts though, thighs seem a little big compared to waist and leg opening. Is this a more "regular" fit rather than slim? Especially since it's a measurement 1" down rather than from the crotch. E.g. my slim fit jeans that have ~30" waist typically have a thigh of around 11" at the crotch. WvG has ~30" waist and 12" thighs 1" down.
I picked up this Geller piece that I thought might fit me but it's too big. It's in fairly used condition, 6/10 or so. Biggest areas of wear are the corners of the pockets, the label tag coming off, and lastly an streak of lighter discoloration on the left arm near the zipper. The seller I bought from didn't mention it and only included a really poor shot of it so I included one myself. That said, if you feel like my price is too high, feel free to shoot me a (non low...
How much is a tote worth? I have one I don't use that another member was looking to buy off me.
Any sneakers coming out with a thinner sole? Not sure how many are in a similar boat, but I have plenty of shoes with a thicker profile and was looking for something lower.
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