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teeeeeee picturesssss
Google search gives kafka10 for 10% off as well.
This might be sacrilegious to some here...but I'm thinking about trying to shrink my wool purple melange v-neck. I'm kinda in between a small and medium. I'm trying to decide if I want to attempt shrinking the medium a bit or stretching out the small. Since the shrinking depends so much on the sweater's weave, I wanted to ask if anyone here has any experience with shrinking SNS knits.
I believe I know the answer, but double checking. Question about returns for loyalty members, according to the website: "All items purchased on sale (including use of promotional codes) can only be exchanged for another item or returned for store credit." Can we still return stuff for a refund? I want to try a whole bunch of different combos between short/long sleeve t's, and two different sizes given you said that they're looser than last years.
Ohhhh, tees come in short sleeve this time and are even cheaper than last year! Can't wait to see some pictures of the colors. Will be getting some for sure. Same sizing as last year?
Thanks ibrig and partagras. Given that description, I'd probably give it a try, but cpaul does not make it sound good lol
Info on tees? If they're the bamboo blend like last year, I want in! But don't want to commit before knowing more about them
Wrote them an email asking about shirt fit comparisons to other barnds: Hi, I was wondering if someone would be able to compare Gustin shirt fits to larger brands like Gitman Vintage, Band or Outsiders, Wolf vs Goat, J Crew, etc. Received a pretty useless reply as it doesn't give any real information beyond what I could get from the measurement charts: The best way to find your fit is using our fit guide https://www.weargustin.com/fitguide. But if you would like to try...
Might be targeted, not sure, only just got the email. But for the Vente-privee orders - use code FALLSTYLE13 for $20 off $100 or more. Also, $100 or more on an AMEX card gets you free shipping.
Anyone able to comment on shirt fit compared to Gitman Vintage?
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