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I think it was...Namor? who posted a thread about it. IIRC, he used Saphir shoe polish to color a ugly gray/brown 5zip to dark brown. There's some other leather recoloring projects here on SF as well.Found it:'d imagine black would be easier than brown. There's specific leather dyes available as well.
Med schools aren't going to care what you're wearing. So long as you're decently dressed with any sports coat/blazer, it'll be fine. Do you have a bunch coming up soon? If you don't have time, I'd just buy a beater suit from some place like H&M or Uniqlo. Most of the other students are going to be wearing black suits that are too big for them, so you don't be out of place whatever you wear. I'm a student and do interviews for my school and I've never heard about any...
I could proxy. I was looking to pick up some cheaper basics stuff that wouldn't hit the free shipping threshold so the 4way would help me get that =p. PM me.
Asian Uniqlo heattech is definitely shorter. I have some from Taiwan and New York, the Taiwanese ones hit like an inch before my wrist (very stretchable but you don't really stretch arm length while wearing).
So the Heavy Americans...I mentioned briefly earlier in a post that I got these last week and I'm fairly impressed with them. My first pair of American denim and I like them. In a pure sense, I'd still choose my Japanese denim over them, but these are sub$100 versus $300+ on the others. If I was shorter on money, I wouldn't regret getting these. 16.25 oz denim. Fairly stiff, but not too heavy. No slubbiness or hairiness, quite smooth. Selvage detail on back right belt loop...
Wait, what? Tote members get free shipping now?
Thanks Robinson! I've actually narrowed it down to either 2001 (though I doubt it's that old), SS2008 or AW2009 on account of it originally being beige cowhide. I'll have to take a closer look later. The link nicelynice posted said something about the snap collar on 2008.
I remember seeing a brief guide of the various Margiela 5zips over time and the differences between them. Anyone have that post? Too many posts with Margiela in them to search properly. I'm trying to identify the year on my 5zip.
Yes. I don't really pay attention to sample sales as much since I'm not there, but I know Salt Optics has a sample sale.
I received my pair of the factory 2nd heavy American's yesterday. Only tried them only for a quick minute so don't have a full review yet though. But it seemed to fit pretty well. Almost all my jeans are Japanese, so I don't have much experience with Cone denim, but fairly impressed with it overall. FWIW, my girlfriend said it's her favorite jean on me. She complains all my other stuff is too thick so it looks bulky on me, but the Gustin looks slimmer on me. *shrug* I'll...
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