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Thanks for the shirt review Harvitz. I think I'll be holding off on shirt purchases for now. I'll probably look more in to them for flannels as it gets colder as I feel sizing and fit is a little more forgiving on flannels than oxfords. A bit disappointed in the color pattern not matching up. I think the original blue/green pattern is quite nice, but the lack of green vibrancy is a real bummer. But like you said and Gustin seems to confirm, that's just what they get from...
Congrats on becoming an affiliate. I've been watching the unofficial thread for a while hoping for some more info on the shirts. Unfortunately, doesn't seem like many people here order them Too many jeans to consider buying a pair, so just sticking with shirt info for now.
Anyone interested in picking one up and want to split shipping? VAT is 20% off, shipping outside EU is about $40 USD (I'm in the US). Total with shipping would be about $260 USD + split shipping to you. So it'd probably be around $135 if you're in the US. Would be about $146 alone, so not a huge saving, but figured I'd ask as some is better than none. If not, I'll probably jump on this solo if I can sell some stuff soon.
Picked up this Robert Geller mohair cardigan that just doesn't fit my style. New with tags, tried on for less than 5 minutes. Retails for $445, asking $220 $160 OBO (but please don't lowball) shipped (CONUS) and Paypal fees INCLUDED. 55% mohair, 30% nylon, 15% wool. Shoulders: 17.5" Chest: 18" Waist: 19" Total length from bottom of collar: 27" Arm length from shoulder seam: 25" Very stretchy material, so it can accommodate a 48 as well, possibly 50 depending on your...
100% virgin wool, v-neck sweater from SNS Herning in purple melange. The melange blend is beautiful, combining various threads so you get flecks of color throughout. Picked up both the small and medium since I didn't know what size I am. Selling the small after trying it on for a few hours. Essentially new with tags. Retailed for $220 I believe, asking $110->$100 shipped CONUS and Paypal'ed. Shoulders: 15"/22". The seams are really unique here, there's basically two...
13.75oz denim, deerskin patch, iron doughnut buttons, copper rivets. Purchased these directly from Kiya of Self Edge 5 years ago. Only worn for about 2 months before washing once. Removed the cinchback. Patch is cracked, jeans are hemmed to about a 30. Retailed for $280, only asking $55 shipped CONUS, Paypal fees included. Waist: 16" Front rise: 11.5" Back rise: 14" Thigh at crotch: 12" Knee: 9.25" Leg opening: 8.75" Inseam: 29"
Two oxford cloth shirts I picked up in Taiwan. Asian fit mediums, fits a small. Tad shorter in the arms than US small, possibly. Shoulders: 16-17" depending on how you stretch it (16" with absolutely no stretching, all seams lined up) Chest: 19" Waist: 19" Length from back of collar to base: 29.5" Arm length from shoulder seam: 23" Arm length from pit: 20.5" One blue, one white. Each worn 2-3 times TOPS. Hook/pull on back near center shoulders. Box pleat. Asking $25...
They do not. The two oxfords I have from Taiwan seem to be shorter in the sleeves, but long in the body.
Picked up this mohair cardigan off eBay last night. Been liking Geller more and more lately (yet I'm getting more and more in debt while in school >_>). Only my second RG piece (black/blue dipdye sweater), I'm excited.
@Julien - there are no holes. Thanks for making me feel at ease, guys. Seems the dyeing just messed with the texture a bit. Was thinking about dyeing over it with black though.
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