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Oh weird, I thought I would get PM's for replies to this thread. Apologies, the +J shirt was sold.
All prices are inclusive of shipping within the CONUS. Wolf Vs Goat Red Predator Chinos Size 29, fits a size 27 or 28 waist. Completely unworn as I didn't realize tagged size = actual waist measurement. $35 shipped. Measurements: Waist: 29" Rise: 9.5" Thigh: 11" Knee 13" down from crotch: 8.5" Hem: 6.5" Inseam: 34" Rachel Comey Webb derby size 8.5 color mudd. Color irl is basically brown. I wore them a total of only about 10 hours, but they're too small for me so I'd...
Aside from the one two post above me, any reviews for Otter Wax? I've been wanting to wax a jacket of mine for a while now and with 30% off and free shipping... *edit* Ehh, decided to give it a go.
I had a really good experience with Mohawk over yesterday and today. Fairly long read, so TLDR: Mohawk honored their error sale prices for me after spending a bunch of time searching the store for the items I wanted. I was a little late to see the sweaters online as most sold out except for the purple. But when I tried to check out, it said that there was only one left, so I had to reduce my cart quantity by one (even though I only had one). It ran a loop and eventually...
HEEEEEEEYYYYYY! Congrats! Side note: Are you able to do the shawl-like collar similar to the EG flannel RKD posted a picture of a few pages back? Collar looks interesting enough to consider buying just for that lol.
Yeeeaaa, how DO i do website preorders? I don't see those options.
I'm in the opposite position as notwithit; GV small fits me pretty much perfectly I've found. I'm kinda in between a small and medium for WvG. Shoulders too small on small, chest too large on medium. But with tote pricing, WvG is much cheaper even after tailoring if I go for a medium. That, and we have the ability to talk directly with the owner who keeps us in the loop about all the products. I think that last part is pretty damn awesome as you'd never get that outta GV.
All the shirts I really want are sold out in my size...But there's a few shirts I wouldn't mind having left :-\ Having just paid tuition and feeling poor...Whatdo? I need to sell off a few items from my wardrobe first...
price drop on jacket
Another price drop on jacket
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