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I remember seeing a brief guide of the various Margiela 5zips over time and the differences between them. Anyone have that post? Too many posts with Margiela in them to search properly. I'm trying to identify the year on my 5zip.
Yes. I don't really pay attention to sample sales as much since I'm not there, but I know Salt Optics has a sample sale.
I received my pair of the factory 2nd heavy American's yesterday. Only tried them only for a quick minute so don't have a full review yet though. But it seemed to fit pretty well. Almost all my jeans are Japanese, so I don't have much experience with Cone denim, but fairly impressed with it overall. FWIW, my girlfriend said it's her favorite jean on me. She complains all my other stuff is too thick so it looks bulky on me, but the Gustin looks slimmer on me. *shrug* I'll...
Dang...for that price I should sell my dip-dye. Have the same one in a 46 but it seems to fit like a 48 or 50 in the body and sleeves. Fits in the shoulders though, so you can tell it's just meant to be oversized.
Posted my thoughts on facebook. Which one's better/easier for you to read, SF or FB?
Normal from handling. The oils in your hands/fingers will transfer over.
Thanks for the shirt review Harvitz. I think I'll be holding off on shirt purchases for now. I'll probably look more in to them for flannels as it gets colder as I feel sizing and fit is a little more forgiving on flannels than oxfords. A bit disappointed in the color pattern not matching up. I think the original blue/green pattern is quite nice, but the lack of green vibrancy is a real bummer. But like you said and Gustin seems to confirm, that's just what they get from...
Congrats on becoming an affiliate. I've been watching the unofficial thread for a while hoping for some more info on the shirts. Unfortunately, doesn't seem like many people here order them Too many jeans to consider buying a pair, so just sticking with shirt info for now.
Anyone interested in picking one up and want to split shipping? VAT is 20% off, shipping outside EU is about $40 USD (I'm in the US). Total with shipping would be about $260 USD + split shipping to you. So it'd probably be around $135 if you're in the US. Would be about $146 alone, so not a huge saving, but figured I'd ask as some is better than none. If not, I'll probably jump on this solo if I can sell some stuff soon.
Picked up this Robert Geller mohair cardigan that just doesn't fit my style. New with tags, tried on for less than 5 minutes. Retails for $445, asking $220 $160 OBO (but please don't lowball) shipped (CONUS) and Paypal fees INCLUDED. 55% mohair, 30% nylon, 15% wool. Shoulders: 17.5" Chest: 18" Waist: 19" Total length from bottom of collar: 27" Arm length from shoulder seam: 25" Very stretchy material, so it can accommodate a 48 as well, possibly 50 depending on your...
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