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Two oxford cloth shirts I picked up in Taiwan. Asian fit mediums, fits a small. Tad shorter in the arms than US small, possibly. Shoulders: 16-17" depending on how you stretch it (16" with absolutely no stretching, all seams lined up) Chest: 19" Waist: 19" Length from back of collar to base: 29.5" Arm length from shoulder seam: 23" Arm length from pit: 20.5" One blue, one white. Each worn 2-3 times TOPS. Hook/pull on back near center shoulders. Box pleat. Asking $25...
They do not. The two oxfords I have from Taiwan seem to be shorter in the sleeves, but long in the body.
Picked up this mohair cardigan off eBay last night. Been liking Geller more and more lately (yet I'm getting more and more in debt while in school >_>). Only my second RG piece (black/blue dipdye sweater), I'm excited.
@Julien - there are no holes. Thanks for making me feel at ease, guys. Seems the dyeing just messed with the texture a bit. Was thinking about dyeing over it with black though.
So I received an MMM 5-zip in the mail that I won off of eBay and I'm having some doubts as to it being real or not. This seems like an appropriate thread to ask about it - if not, please direct me to another thread where it is. It was originally beige, but was dyed a dark brown. So I'm not sure if that's the reason why it feels really weird of leather, almost pleather like. There's also no real leather smell either. Since it's calf, I know it's not supposed to feel as...
Ohhh, forgot about my TBS code expiring today as well. Please PM me for it. *gone*
....On a more helpful note, I'm guessing that Mauro is super swamped right now, as he's just had a bunch of stuff come in. Although you ordered well before the new stuff... I think we're all eagerly awaiting the incoming newsletter.
Julius leather on hold. WvG shirt sold.
I bought the MMM =x. Figured I can at least recoup the purchase price if it doesn't work out for me. Hope DHL doesn't destroy me with fees. Also, stupid me forgot to switch out from Paypal's conversion rate to my credit card's conversion rate. Woulda saved $13 that I coulda put in to import fees. Doh. Thanks for the share hoodyear.
So cheap for MMM...contemplating buying to dye black.
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