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*edit* I'm bad at this eBay deal stuff it seems.
I have a good friend who's likely going to the Salt sale, might be able to proxy for others - PM and we might be able to work out something.
I got Teger's large triple grey mix Stark last week as the measurements seemed to line up for me. (shoulders 17", p2p 19"). For the most part, it's a great fit, but it's a bit billowy in the waist. By chance, anyone with a medium triple grey want to swap for a large? Also down for an oxblood or triple navy mix.
New with tags, Uniqlo xs grey v-neck sweater. 100% cashmere. Too small for me, so unworn. Retails for $100, looking for $60 shipped CONUS, fees included.
I have a Wolf versus Goat light blue dress shirt for sale. Before dinner medium. Completely unworn, too big for me. Looking for $50 $40 shipped CONUS, Paypal fees included (though always nice if you're able to do without fees). Measurements are typical WvG BD medium except for shortened arm lengths. Measurement chart says small is about 26", but my measurement shows 24" and it fits me just fine (I have all small in WvG)...
Predator is the slim fit.
I believe Porter was the only place to get Starks in XXL
But...but...we have Brigade. Which carries WvG.But really, I've only see like 5 guys here that I thought dressed well in the 3 years I've been here.
Unless you're getting a current season stark. Then XXXXL. But really, perhaps even a small for this season, xs normally. L is supposed to be 19 p2p. So M would be 18?, S would be 17?
Cotton loop woven sweatshirts...sounds interesting. One poster used the term loopwheeled specifically. Is that a typo or is it actually loopwheeled? If it really is loopwheeled, crazy. Wonder what the price point for that would be, guessing similar to the jeans now.
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