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But...but...we have Brigade. Which carries WvG.But really, I've only see like 5 guys here that I thought dressed well in the 3 years I've been here.
Unless you're getting a current season stark. Then XXXXL. But really, perhaps even a small for this season, xs normally. L is supposed to be 19 p2p. So M would be 18?, S would be 17?
Cotton loop woven sweatshirts...sounds interesting. One poster used the term loopwheeled specifically. Is that a typo or is it actually loopwheeled? If it really is loopwheeled, crazy. Wonder what the price point for that would be, guessing similar to the jeans now.
I don't have any recommendations for specifically winter boots. I'd just get regular boots and sole them with something non-slip. Things like Red Wing Iron Ranges or Wolverine 1000 mile can be had for under $300 regularly (the latter you can get really cheap "seconds" from Sierra Trading Post).
Anyone have measurements for the 38 or know where I could find it?
@Stevey, need your price range. How long term are you looking to keep them? Prefer to buy them in Australia or Boston?
Another price drop. Open to offers.
Buzzlulu, thanks for the detailed write-up. I found it extremely useful even though at most, I'd only be buying one SNS this season. Had I went and bought a Stark from a store, I would probably picked small or medium based on older seasons. Think I'd need a large now though.
Checked at some dry cleaners near me a while back about shortening the sleeves. I was quoted at least $75, probably more on account of the sleeve zippers making it harder. I'd expect your alteration to cost even more since your'e doing more things. I ended up not tailoring it, selling it, and just buying another off here.
Check out Wolf vs Goat (there's a thread here). You'll pay a bit more (assuming tote discount + shipping to Ca, but no tax), but guaranteed the quality will be significantly better. There's currently two out right now, red and grey. There's another one in the works coming soon, pictures in the affiliate thread.
New Posts  All Forums: