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Oh man, I finally got a chance to look at the pictures and pick out the pieces I liked to email about. I'm so late Hopefully some of the pieces I want remain around...
Dang...I don't follow the brand close enough to really know what any of these pieces are so I can't email ahead of time. Guess I'll have to wait til pictures go up.
price drop
price drop
Haha, that's true. Education >>> clothing. It's really more a matter of can I avoid eating out for a while. I'm gonna have to take out huge loans for school either way. I'm just trying to stop being so impulsive with clothing. Appreciate it that you speak so candidly, even though you're the seller!
$20k tuition bill coming up soon Also looking in to buying my first car. There's no doubt I'd be picking it up if I had the disposable income.Still love the things WvG puts out though so I enter giveaway contests, esp when I can't buy anything lol.
Ok, thanks for the replies. I figured they were the current as that should be the only one out. But they look darker than the pictures online so I wasn't sure. Also, I get the impression Mauro loves people visiting him and will sometimes show them upcoming products so I figured a personal friend might get a peek at the upcoming pants.
Are these the current pants up for sale or the next one? Still on the fence because money's been a bit tight...Tuition payment coming up soon :-\
*edit* I'm bad at this eBay deal stuff it seems.
I have a good friend who's likely going to the Salt sale, might be able to proxy for others - PM and we might be able to work out something.
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