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Beautiful boots. Wish I could afford these. I hope you were able to work something out with your credit card company. This seems like the merchant's fault and you shouldn't get penalized for it.
Any update on the loopwheeled sweater?
Saw the list right after it was posted, but prices are too high for my budget right now for pieces that would be too big for me. Shame though, like a lot of the pieces and I know these are great prices.
Any recommendations in Columbus, OH to check out RO leathers? Not sure of any high end boutiques here - Brigade is the best in mind. There's a Saks here, maybe they have some...but it wouldn't be past seasons, right? How do you guys go about checking out previous years' leathers?
How's the leather on RO ss10 "release" compare to other seasons/brands? I've seen some from that collection pop up in my size for relatively cheap. I found one post from SZ saying the ss10 leathers were kinda flimsy, but not much aside from that. Also, what does the "intarsia" leather really mean? I know it's normally a knitting term, but RO seems to have a few leathers named intarsia that are fairly different (namely the neck). Thanks!
Does a "true sample size" for RG = 48? Seemed to be the case with most pieces last time around.
To add to the confusion, I have a large in this year's stark. It fits comfortably, maybe a tad large. I have a 36 chest, normally xs or s =D. I feel that in general, these sweaters can fit a variety of bodies. It's very stretchable and will accommodate over time.
Oh man, I finally got a chance to look at the pictures and pick out the pieces I liked to email about. I'm so late Hopefully some of the pieces I want remain around...
Dang...I don't follow the brand close enough to really know what any of these pieces are so I can't email ahead of time. Guess I'll have to wait til pictures go up.
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