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price drop
School is Seattle were some of the best years of my life. Can't wait to move back in, hopefully, a few years.
What size are the shirt hangers, what style are the trouser hangers?
I wrote up a mini-Seattle guide on things to do for some friends moving there, if you're interested in it Nicely, PM and I can send you the link.
Got my oxblood memento in from Mutiny just now. Damnnnn, it is nice. I think I like it more than the stark. Although I like the weave of the stark better, but the memento seems nicer in cut overall.
I ordered from Mutiny using that code. Got the memento for ~$255 shipped. We'll see if stock is available though... *edit* they just replied to my email. i got the last small =D. xs left though.
Price drop
Wut. so cheap. I would instakop, but I just paid CC's yesterday and it hurt.
Some crazy bad timing you got there, Mauro. The two coldest days with winter storm hitting and below 0 temps. gg.
Huh...musta been something wrong on checkout for me. Selected US but I also couldn't choose a state either. Will try again and in that case, will probably pick up some stuff. Thanks for the clarification.
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