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Wut. so cheap. I would instakop, but I just paid CC's yesterday and it hurt.
Some crazy bad timing you got there, Mauro. The two coldest days with winter storm hitting and below 0 temps. gg.
Huh...musta been something wrong on checkout for me. Selected US but I also couldn't choose a state either. Will try again and in that case, will probably pick up some stuff. Thanks for the clarification.
Was about to til I saw shipping to the states was $50 for me and no returns/exchanges. I've never actually even seen an RG tee IRL so I dunno if it'd be my thing.
Anyone have this illusion t-shirt: http://www.ssense.com/men/product/robert_geller/blue_digital_striped_illusion_t-shirt/82969 Worth it? 70% off right now. Thinking about picking it up, but it's final sale.
I've had better luck calling them. They're really nice on the phone, even found some stuff I wasn't necessarily looking for (since it wasn't showing online).
damn...great price. i'm really tempted but i have been copping too much lately
Not sure where you're located, but msrp for a new pair in the US is $185. I think most people will opt for an additional $5 from your asking price to order from a retailer and all the backings it has in case anything goes wrong.
"I am bringing back denim and it will be with a furry." I know what Mauro meant, but lol, the meaning is very different now.
The prices on each item page will specifically say extra 50% off if it applies...
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