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Will the new chinos have the non-vanity sizing like last time? So that means you should size up 2-3 from your "normal" pants size again? Cause I loved the fit of a 29 predator in the legs, but I need like another 3 inches in the waist... That means even the slim chinos would be too baggy on me, and I don't have skinny legs.
I've found it runs pretty TTS. I'm XS/S in most stuff. S in oxblood memento fits great. Oversized/looser fits on large triple grey stark (from current fw that runs small) and a medium in a basic wool v-neck (forgot the name, but as basic as you can get).
price drop
price drop
School is Seattle were some of the best years of my life. Can't wait to move back in, hopefully, a few years.
What size are the shirt hangers, what style are the trouser hangers?
I wrote up a mini-Seattle guide on things to do for some friends moving there, if you're interested in it Nicely, PM and I can send you the link.
Got my oxblood memento in from Mutiny just now. Damnnnn, it is nice. I think I like it more than the stark. Although I like the weave of the stark better, but the memento seems nicer in cut overall.
I ordered from Mutiny using that code. Got the memento for ~$255 shipped. We'll see if stock is available though... *edit* they just replied to my email. i got the last small =D. xs left though.
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