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Can someone forward me the email with the preview? Didn't get one. I'll send you my email in a PM.
You can probably size down from a newer Stark on a Memento. Have a large stark that's oversized on me. Small memento fits great.
Temple of Jawnz/TOJ moto. From 2011 I believe? Super soft grey lamb. Seriously soft. Love the jacket, but I don't actually wear it that often as it feels TOO luxe and can't get myself to wear it on a daily basis. Jacket is used, but this thing will still last you years. It's been soaked before so that it drapes nicely and isn't stiff at all. 2 outer chest pockets, two hand pockets, two inner chest pockets, and two zip on both arms. There's a cut on the left shoulder, but...
Used, but still in good condition. Wolf vs Goat overdyed oxford Pinot noir color (pinkish/purpleish red/wine) Size small Top collar button is missing - but you can ask Mauro for a replacement - he's sent those out for free in the past before. Retailed for $180ish. Looking for $45 $40 shipping CONUS. International shipping is at cost, and depends on what shipping method you'd like. Paypal fees are INCLUDED. Measurements per WvG website: Chest: 20" Shoulder: 18" Sleeve:...
Oops, posted in wrong thread. Mods, please delete =)
oops, posted in wrong forum. mods, please delete =)
I'm down to split shipping - OH here. Let me know if you guys are doing it.
It's a single piece, believe it's the Armenian. It came in a ton of different fabrics/colors.
Mine hasn't really shrunk despite trying to wash and dry on hot.
Wool is softer than Sterlingwear's traditional peacoat, I believe. Been years since I felt one, but that's what I remember. It's not soft like suiting wool by any means, but it is softer than a lot of wool outerwear. On the other hand, given it's softness, I was a little disappointed that it wasn't a bit thicker. It's not the warmest wool either. But can't have the best warmth/weight and feel all together. The collar used to stand up on it's own when I first got it. Now,...
New Posts  All Forums: