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Speaking of Massdrop...Momotaro 0702's just released today. At under $190 shipped, it's a great price, especially for a non traditional raw pair (indigo warp, black weft).
Thanks, worked like a charm.
Anyone have a ForwardForward code that works on restricted items? Tulip has a lot of restrictions, iforward15 doesn't seem to be working anymore (or also has restrictions). Thanks in advanced.
Massdrop is starting to get in to raw denim. There's a poll for the next pair right now with Samurai 710's in the clear lead. Not sure how viable that'll really be, but hey, it's free to sign up and vote so who knows.
Can someone forward me the email with the preview? Didn't get one. I'll send you my email in a PM.
You can probably size down from a newer Stark on a Memento. Have a large stark that's oversized on me. Small memento fits great.
Temple of Jawnz/TOJ moto. From 2011 I believe? Super soft grey lamb. Seriously soft. Love the jacket, but I don't actually wear it that often as it feels TOO luxe and can't get myself to wear it on a daily basis. Jacket is used, but this thing will still last you years. It's been soaked before so that it drapes nicely and isn't stiff at all. 2 outer chest pockets, two hand pockets, two inner chest pockets, and two zip on both arms. There's a cut on the left shoulder, but...
Used, but still in good condition. Wolf vs Goat overdyed oxford Pinot noir color (pinkish/purpleish red/wine) Size small Top collar button is missing - but you can ask Mauro for a replacement - he's sent those out for free in the past before. Retailed for $180ish. Looking for $45 $40 shipping CONUS. International shipping is at cost, and depends on what shipping method you'd like. Paypal fees are INCLUDED. Measurements per WvG website: Chest: 20" Shoulder: 18" Sleeve:...
Oops, posted in wrong thread. Mods, please delete =)
oops, posted in wrong forum. mods, please delete =)
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