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Thanks, I didn't have RSVP, M+S, Nomad. Anyone got the Japanese stockists?
Any chance of an updated stockist list? The list from the first post in this thread is pretty outdated, maybe 5 or so shops carrying Geller on there. The official website stockist page is "under construction."
Thanks for the explanation. This is why you're one of my favorite and obviously one of the most helper posters around =). I'll keep an eye out I guess. And yea, I started looking at them again like a week after you sold your 44 >_>
This is super late as I got the jeans about 2 months ago...but on the off chance - anyone have a size 30 or 31 Japan black/black they wanna size down on? I have a size 29 slim that's too tight in the seat for me. I could stretch the waist, but it'd still be too tight through the butt and hips.
Think I might try to track down another pair of flight pants now. Kinda regretting selling the pair I got from melonadejello. The 46 from SS11 was a little too big...I'm guessing 44's are only available in Japan? And even if I find one, those probably never make it to sale and I'd have to get it full priced? Probably similar deal with the 46, but higher chance of 46 hitting the resell market.
Ah, I figured that testing the shirt meant just a trial and we'd return it, but I guess you wouldn't be able to sell it afterwards. As shown above, you have plenty of people still willing to test at cost. Just let us know the actual price and I'm sure you'll get more requests flooding in.
Haven't been back here in a while... no money nowadays. I'd be willing to try out some shirts though, haha. smalls here.
Got my Black x Black in 29 slim. The seat's quite tight....anyone have a 30 slim they wanna trade?
So now with underwear being made in the bamboo/sorona, any chance of a pant in that material? Something casual like jogger pants or Geller's flight pants. Or just reuse the shape of the sweatpants?
Looking for a sand or black suede BCDR, size 45/46.
New Posts  All Forums: