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Just purchased my pair and emailed Gina to join weekend warriors.
Technical sheet = measurements? Nah, I don't need that one. Sorry if I was confusing, I meant of artificially faded jeans. Like if you sanded them down, what they're supposed to look like after "x" number of months of wear. Basically I'd like to see how the dye fades.
Haven't been on SF much, so forgice me if it was posted somewhere...if it was, could someone link me to pictures of the denim and how they're supposed to fade? It's hard to tell what they'll look like, because from the before pictures, it honestly looks a little...generic. Then again, unless it's a brand like PBJ with their slubbiness or Onis with their streakiness, it's always hard to tell.
Hm...I have no new denim to break in, but several pairs that have years left in them... I feel like I'd be an even weaker weekend warrior. In the hospital 6/7 days ~12 hours/day... Well I have another week or so to think about it.
I haven't. I'd perhaps be tempted to try, but to be honest, I could use the money right now to pay for some other things. Thanks for the suggestion though, I'll keep it in mind.
Not your typical SF classified ad...But hey, I got stuff and just maybe someone's looking for something like this... 2010 Specialized Secteur Elite Compact, charcoal/white. Size 54cm/medium. Have multiple bikes, looking to slim down the collection and free up some funds for school. Excellent mechanical condition, just needs cleaning. Includes either Look keo easy pedals or dual sided mountain bike Shimano spd compatible/regular pedals. Specialized sport computer. Tail...
Picked up these PBJs about 2 years ago and I've had them sitting in my closet ever since. 30 was too loose, while the 29s were too tight in the seat. Just got a new bike so I need to sell off stuff. They have approximately one month of wear. Chainstitched to ~32". Leaf tab version. Retails for $300 on Blue in Green's site. Looking for $180, Paypal and shipping fees including for CONUS. Other locations please contact me. Measurements: Waist: 15" Front rise: 10" Thigh at...
Ties are gorgeous. After paying off the bikes I just purchased, I'm gonna try to budget for a tie or two despite telling myself no clothes for a long time :-\. They're just too unique.
I have a Oneplus one 64gb phone for sale. Used it for about a month before deciding it was too big for me and switched to a different one. It was barely used, always in a case with a screen protector on so no scratches. Phone is rooted - GPS wasn't working before I did this and it is now. Phone is 360+ with taxes new and waiting time for the invite and shipping. I'm asking $300 + shipping and fees for the phone and free case, glass screen protector, and a few micro USB...
Favorite proxy service for Y!Japan auctions? FromJapan?
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