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I picked up this Geller piece that I thought might fit me but it's too big. It's in fairly used condition, 6/10 or so. Biggest areas of wear are the corners of the pockets, the label tag coming off, and lastly an streak of lighter discoloration on the left arm near the zipper. The seller I bought from didn't mention it and only included a really poor shot of it so I included one myself. That said, if you feel like my price is too high, feel free to shoot me a (non low...
How much is a tote worth? I have one I don't use that another member was looking to buy off me.
Any sneakers coming out with a thinner sole? Not sure how many are in a similar boat, but I have plenty of shoes with a thicker profile and was looking for something lower.
I appreciate the tag! Indeed, a bit high and more than I'd like to spend, but I'll keep an eye out on that pair. 44 seems a bit hard to find secondhand.
Not sure I could work the color, but at this price for an almost new piece, I'd have probably bought it to try out if it were my size. Good luck! Pretty unique piece.
Mauro, it seems your site's search/filter by size isn't working correctly. Sorting for smalls gives me lots of items with no more stock, whether it be specifically for the smalls or for any size. Perhaps it's giving me items that had a small at one point available?
Can't see the chambrays either, but I was able to see the sale items. XL peeps are gonna make out like bandits on the sweaters. XS too. I wonder...is there a lot of stretch in the wool or cashmere sweaters? I take a small in the shirts but could go xs if it werent for the shoulders.
Nice work on putting this list together, everyone For consolidation's sake: US based: Ssense Maas & Stacks No Man Walks Alone Acrimony East Dane Frances May Totokaelo Odin Forward Nomad Barney's 12345 Clothing RSVP Gallery Gravity Pope American Rag...
Thanks, I didn't have RSVP, M+S, Nomad. Anyone got the Japanese stockists?
Any chance of an updated stockist list? The list from the first post in this thread is pretty outdated, maybe 5 or so shops carrying Geller on there. The official website stockist page is "under construction."
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