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Ties are gorgeous. After paying off the bikes I just purchased, I'm gonna try to budget for a tie or two despite telling myself no clothes for a long time :-\. They're just too unique.
I have a Oneplus one 64gb phone for sale. Used it for about a month before deciding it was too big for me and switched to a different one. It was barely used, always in a case with a screen protector on so no scratches. Phone is rooted - GPS wasn't working before I did this and it is now. Phone is 360+ with taxes new and waiting time for the invite and shipping. I'm asking $300 + shipping and fees for the phone and free case, glass screen protector, and a few micro USB...
Favorite proxy service for Y!Japan auctions? FromJapan?
Uhh...the fishtail parka IS a military jacket...
Now I kinda regret trying to quantify demand since I have no idea how to translate my opinion to numbers for you that you can use for your actual business. I've seen maybe 5 or so TOJ fishtail parkas in the last fee months on B&S and from what I remember, they all sold for $400+ (retail was $450) in less than a week, many going in just hours. The ones that took a few days went for $500+, typically smaller sizes too. I know, very small sample size. But people seem to post...
Speaking of TOJ and outerwear, people have been going nuts over trying to find a TOJ fishtail parka since they stopped producing it. The ones listed on B&S forums typically go for more than they retailed nowadays despite being used. Based on that, I feel like there'd be a strong market for them, at least on SF, no idea about real world people though lol.
I've found that GVB shoulders to be a little larger than WvG. Pretty similar length-wise. GVB chest seems to vary quite a bit...WvG is one of the most consistent brands I've come across.
Bah, missed the starks at Mutiny. Got the oxblood memento from them...A++++ customer service, would recommend again in a heartbeat.
I'll most likely eventually pick up a pair of jeans given the price and normal quality of stuff WvG puts out. But agreed that fit pics would be a HUGE help given my concerns for the larger thigh measurements.
Wow, natural indigo jeans for under $100? Impressive. According to the size charts though, thighs seem a little big compared to waist and leg opening. Is this a more "regular" fit rather than slim? Especially since it's a measurement 1" down rather than from the crotch. E.g. my slim fit jeans that have ~30" waist typically have a thigh of around 11" at the crotch. WvG has ~30" waist and 12" thighs 1" down.
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