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If they've changed the sizing...that begs the request...full measurements, please =)
Damn, haven't logged on to SF in a few months, been too busy. Also means I've barely worn my jeans. In the last two months, I've probably worn them for a week or so :-\ so they look essentially unfaded. At this point, probably not even worth me saying I'm "competing" anymore. There's just so much about WvG to catch up on, and even SF all together!
Weird, seems like my jeans are more of an isolated case. For some reason maybe the dye didn't set as well on my pair. Don't really have any light colored furniture nor wearing anything light recently so I haven't seen transfer to clothes or couches, but I'm getting a lot of this, mostly from just putting my hands in my pockets:
This denim bleeds like crazy! My hands are always blue. I'l see if I can find myself a full length mirror tomorrow for fit pics.
Oops, I didn't use the code denim either, since they were now in the sale section and the code actually said not valid. Got the 31, as I normally wear a 29 vanity sized. Kinda wish I went with the 32 now. Waist is juuuust a bit snug, but the seat is really tight. I got dat badonkadonk going on in these. Had I not seen a description of these being raw, I probably wouldn't have even realized it. So used to Japanese heavy weight denim, I've forgotten what light-weight denim...
^ I think you mean BEFORE May 31st? With summer heat and humidity coming up in the midwest, think I'm gonna be glad I picked these up to switch away from the 19 and 21oz jeans, heh.
Anyone interested in a size 29 slim black/black? It was the #120 Japan black/black. Backed it a little over a year ago and haven't worn it yet as the seat is too small for me. Rather than returning for credit, was hoping to get straight cash if anyone else wanted these.
Not a clothing sale...but may be of use to people. If you have a Discover IT card, you can call them today to ask for the double cashback promotion. At least 2 months of double cashback, many people are reporting a full year of double cashback. http://slickdeals.net/f/7889421-discover-it-card-double-your-cashback-for-two-months-ymmv?v=1&src=SiteSearch *edit* Just did it myself. Got a full year's worth. You won't get the double cashback until after 12 billing cycles, must...
Just purchased my pair and emailed Gina to join weekend warriors.
Technical sheet = measurements? Nah, I don't need that one. Sorry if I was confusing, I meant like...pictures of artificially faded jeans. Like if you sanded them down, what they're supposed to look like after "x" number of months of wear. Basically I'd like to see how the dye fades.
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