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awesome piece, post fit pics when you get it.
nice fit. maybe get some new glasses tho?
most people who are serious about the job usually spends 20 hours plus minimum. Some people will "get it" with 20 live cases, some people will need 100 to be fully comfortable. What firm if you don't mind me asking? If it's the top three, definitely take some time and practice, there are a lot of good resources on the net, no need to buy a book.
5'7'', 140lb, 37'' chest. should I go with small or medium for the villian hoodie?
maybe like thewarby parker percey?https://www.warbyparker.com/eyeglasses/men/percey/striped-sassafrasor Oliver peoples elins
All brand New in Box with pouch and cleaning cloth 1. MP-2 matte black sunglass with G15 polar lens. $SOLD 2. Gregory Peck Matte Black 45mm Gray polar lens. $SOLD 3. NDG-1 Matte black Indigo photochromic lens. $SOLD shipped 4. Bernardo Cocobolo tortoise brown polar lens. $SOLD shipped 5. SoloIst Teardrop Avaitor Vintage Black polar lens. $SOLD shipped 6. Daddy B. Matte black gray polar lens. $230 shipped 7. Daddy B....
Honestly, the Gap collab is not that bad.Yeah, Riri zippers are good but the ones on Gap (IDEAL) is not bad at all.99% of you won't be able to tell the fucking difference of the quality between them zippers without the branding.If fit is the problem I can understand, but if you are complaining and thinking the product is so much inferior because of a 5 inch zipper?I don't know, maybe I'm the crazy one.After all, the Gap collab is priced at almost third of the JE mainline...
Of all the Uniqlo underwears, what are some people's favorites? Supima cotton? seamless? airism? dry stretch?
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