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Does anyone have any idea how the camo moto with those really cool zippers fit? I remember someone posted a fit sometime ago.
womens louboutins if you have a SO.
o, damn it. LOL. That was very close to the upper limit I set on fromjapan sniper bid. Anyways, it's probably going to take a month or so until I receive it, but I'll let you know nicely.
I did. want a pm if it doesn't work out?
http://www.barneyswarehouse.com/maison-margiela-leather-panel-melton-bomber-jacket-503471439.html#sz=232&pageviewchange=true&start=1 http://www.barneyswarehouse.com/rick-owens-drkshdw-hooded-long-bomber-jacket-503632892.html#sz=232&pageviewchange=true&start=1
nice pick up, who throws that stuff out to goodwill...?
Looks like they are from last season? just suede lows, not vintage.
Brand new in box with dust bag and extra laces Size 41 Price include shipping in US. PM for international.
whoever got the black hooded bomber from eBay let me know if it doesn't work out.
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