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amazing night for basketball fans. Respect to Kobe, as much as I hated him throughout the years, I always maintained that he is a legend and a all time great. Now, let's go get that championship #2, dubs!
The record is definitely nice, but ultimately, the ring is going to solidify the accomplishment of this Warriors team. If they get the new record, it'll almost feels like even 73-9 will be broken at some point, sort of like when the four-minute mile was first achieved.
skinny cut is great, though there is a little bit of difference in the two colors I have. Black is just a little more tapered imo.
They are just promoting Tyrone Lue to be the HC, signed a 3 year deal.
Lol. Swaggy P. Signed with adidas since Nike didn't match.I would be surprised if he worn the 350s next game
LOL, Heinsohn is so bad I had to turn off the sound at some point.
steph was pretty careless with the basketball, but you can't stop the man, I mean the stephgod.
What a time to be a Warriors and Curry fan.
Does anyone have any idea how the camo moto with those really cool zippers fit? I remember someone posted a fit sometime ago.
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