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super skinny guy is more like a tapered skinny guy I think.
How does the peter coat fit? the measurements at forward makes it seem they fit bigger than tagged size...
o nice! I been waiting for that piece to go on sale for month. Will definitely pick it up w/ their 30-40% off sale offers.
They are probably going to repackage most of the existing espresso options into the new format to be used with the new machine when enough machines are sold. and in terms of value, I'd say 80-90 cents for a 8oz cup of coffee is great value, sure the espresso might be 5-10 cents more expensive than the original capsules, so if you want to drink only espresso, get the old machine. If you want more options, get the new machine. The reason Nespresso only rolled out this new...
http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-Womens-SAINT-LAURENT-Black-Wolly-Sneakers-Size-40-UK-6-720-/251483553033?pt=US_Men_s_Shoes&hash=item3a8d967d09 SLP black His
damn, yeah thanks for sharing. Some people are not just dishonest... they feel entitled to their dishonesty and douchyness.
Man, that's fucked up. Can't believe some people would return after they damaged the item, I hope you didn't give that guy a full refund. Shady as fuck.
i use the hood all the time and quite like it, it's also really warm.
Sorry, already have a duffle. But I'm okay with trades, anything else you have? Or I can come down on the price more if you are interested.
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