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That Klay Thompson 3rd quarter was abso-fucking-lutely bonkers, After 2 straight 3s, he heat checks about 3 feet beyond the arc, sinks it. I was pretty happy when he made 4 3s in a row, and then he proceeded to not miss at all. After 6 or 7 straight 3s, I knew it was something special and everything he throws up will be going in.
I had my eye on some Pete Sorensen boots on thecorner, it was marked down from 750 to around 300, and was going to pull the trigger with the 20% code, then today it just went back to full price. Does anyone know if that's pretty normal or had similar experiences before?
9/10 condition Size 44, but fits more like a 46 I think.
The top block is loose, with aggressive taper from about knee down, leg opening measures about 6'' on a size 28.
awesome piece, post fit pics when you get it.
nice fit. maybe get some new glasses tho?
most people who are serious about the job usually spends 20 hours plus minimum. Some people will "get it" with 20 live cases, some people will need 100 to be fully comfortable. What firm if you don't mind me asking? If it's the top three, definitely take some time and practice, there are a lot of good resources on the net, no need to buy a book.
5'7'', 140lb, 37'' chest. should I go with small or medium for the villian hoodie?
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