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Met up with a friend at happy hour. Didn't get a beer list so I looked at the taps and saw some weird beer marked "Session." So I tried it. Turns out the tap really said "Seson" and it was an Italian saison . Pretty good, especially considering I had no idea what I was getting.
More cheap champers.
Spanish vermouth, rocks, twist.
Man, I'm impressed. Can't find a decent macaron in Philly. In fact, the macarons I had out of a refrigerated display case @ a convenience store in Tokyo were better than any I can find in Philly.
Well, that Bourdain episode on Croatia actually made me really want to check it out.
I use this
I knew you secretly loved Zizek.
Spanish vermut (Vermouth Perucchi is the brand) on the rocks. I heard that I missed out by not drinking vermut like the locals, so I'm trying it out now. Pretty good--I can definitely get into this.
Is Rokusaburo Michiba still active (I see he's alive on wikipedia)? He was my favorite. Edit: NM, you mentioned the Japanese chef. I'm an idiot.
I dressed up as the chairman for Halloween in 2004.
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