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Oh, and a non-geohistorical question, matt: when you prepare these multi-course meals, how exactly do you switch between being a chef and being a diner? Do you time things so meticulously that you can jump back and forth between prepping each course and eating the previous one? Or do you make them all ahead of time and have someone else serve each course why you're in the dining room? Or what? I ask because I find even the timing of my completely shitty meals tricky, so...
Wasn't sure so I googled it. My quick scan of wikipedia suggests that it was mostly a Mexican crop that was then cultivated in places like Africa by Europeans. It's late and I've had a few glasses of wine, so I could be wrong.(All this shit is pretty interesting to me because I teach a little bit of Cortes and such even though it's outside of my area of expertise.)
Huh, cool, will have to try the combo at some point. Just out of curiosity: any idea if that's an indigenous new world thing or if the two were paired only after the tomato and vanilla were brought back to Europe?
So the tomato+vanilla combo really works? Can't imagine it, not ever having tried it. Am curious.
I picked this just for you:
I loved this song when I was in the fifth grade. Recently realized that it's still awesome:
Hey man, I haven't been to the north Valley in a decade.
Huh, I see more gorgeous women in Soho in one afternoon than I would over a month in L.A. (And over a lifetime in Philly, of course.) Different strokes, I guess.
Sounds like being a somm is exactly like being an academic, except drinking wine is officially a part of a somm's job.
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