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I suppose the short answer is: yes, but it's unclear now whether that's enough to plan ahead.
My decade-long relationship seems to be on the verge of unraveling. We've negotiated all sorts of things but the question of kids might be difficult to solve. (I've come to want kids, which wasn't the case way back when.) Will probably edit/delete this later but needed to vent. This is terrible.
^ that's awesome
False. Pittsburgh serves croissants with french fries stuffed inside.
What's a pederast, Walter?
Jeez, you should at least buy a person a nice dinner before asking questions like that.
Open a bottle of wine and head to Priceline. Voila! Off to NYC for the weekend.
not having been struck by lightning made rendered my so-so tacos more acceptable
Party on the bottom, business up top?
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