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Yes--also she's a few years older than me and her parents are divorced. All grave failings in my mom's Korean worldview.Sounds like a crazy experiment. I'll opt for the bi-annual hissyfits.
Day three of visiting the folks for the holidays. My mom had her bi-annual ranting breakdown/fit (always fueled in part by the existence of my white girlfriend). Not even a thing that's pissing me off at this point-- just something I'm glumly accepting as an unpleasant part of my life.
As they say, sex sells. [[SPOILER]]
Visiting the folks for the holidays = no Bravo + no internet = trying to watch yesterday's episode on a slow internet connection via illegal stream at Panera (don't judge me, snobs). On the bright side, I'm not sure there's been a comment in all of Top Chef as charming and inadvertently funny as, "I've cooked for Desmond Tutu and Nelson Mandela. Twice!"
Would've been better if it'd been that kind of story. (Or not?)
I'm on hiatus from drinking for a few weeks. Long story, at once batshit crazy and totally banal.
A thing I just don't get: why I often find myself shelling out money for internet access during a flight, when I have nothing to do on the internet except update my Facebook status update with, "I just paid for internet access on this flight so I could tell you I'm in the air." In any case, greetings from up in the sky.
North Dakota Olive Garden reviewer FTW! (Lack of tamale awareness notwithstanding.)
^ I blame Myers.
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