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Oh and ended up at Public, which was regrettable.
Had late lunch/bar snacks at Maialino. Vibe wasn't great at first (partly because it was so empty) but the pate was tasty and my first drink was comped for no reason. Ended up chatting with an affable old dude who seemed to know all the servers well (everything was comped for him) and all about the New York food scene. Should've caught his name I guess.
Yes, sir. Will probably do so for a late lunch tomorrow.
Sorry, even as a blood-eating Korean, I can only respond with a
^ Weird. Never really thought about it, but I've never been to any Danny Meyer restaurants (Shake Shack doesn't count). Not a conscious choice or anything--just happened that way.
Hmm. Maybe I'll check out other spots. The Australia-oriented wine list isn't really all that appealing either.
Anyone been to Public in New York? I'm thinking of checking it out tomorrow.
I've been thinking to myself, "Self, you're drinking way too much. You gotta cut back for the sake of your wellbeing." And then I open this thread and Piob inspires me to stay the course.
Noob query: Are vintage ratings & charts dependent on the whims of an individual taster (or small group of tasters) in the way that individual wine rankings are? In other words, are vintage ratings extrapolated from the general impression that a taster like Parker forms from tasting a lot of wines from a particular vintage in a particular year? Or are these rankings less capricious because they might take into account other info--e.g. ,by what the vintners in a region...
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