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Oh no! Adding my condolences.
Always meant to try some of that Bluecoat stuff since it's ubiquitous in Philly. Any good? Is it one of those weak gins aimed at vodka drinkers?
Baco Mercat for lunch today. It'll be my first time!
^ True, but in Tokyo, I'd have to explain that I'm not Japanese (sumimasen, nihonjin dewa arimasen) and deal with the nearly inevitable awkwardness.
^ I went there when I was in Seattle. It really is a cool little shop.
Ahh L.A., full of cheap unpretentious local sushi places run by actual Japanese folks.
Of course the one day I pick to fly across the country happens to be the day that a big storm arrives. Flight already delayed by over an hour but they're still telling me to get to the airport at the regular time. I know I'm in for a long, long afternoon.
Ballast Point Calico Amber Ale. I've really been drinking too much the last couple of days weeks months. Should cool it for a bit soon.
^ Personally, I find a hot bath to be just the thing, but YMMV.
I'm also terribly disorganized. But a full day of cleaning per month doesn't sound all that out of the ordinary (or it wouldn't if it actually paid off).
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