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^ Wow, that's what happened. I just turned on the game and saw a guy lying on the floor and everyone looking shaken up.
Yeah, yeah, you got me on that one.
Well, there's this...nvm
I try my best to contain my rage when I'm standing in line for an ATM and the person in front of me invariably takes forever (WTF are they doing? Do they think it's a video game?). Same thing happened to me today, except when it was my turn, the lady in front of me turned around and I realized the source of the problem--she was disheveled and disoriented. And then she informed me that the machine wasn't working well for her, and she proceeded to watch me make my...
Shut up, iceback.Yeah, yeah, the one time you texted me you gave me some top secret juicy gossip straight from the upper echelons of Harrisburg. I was very excited but it turned out to be A BUNCH OF MALARKEY.
"Atta Boy. You can all suck my dick" is a really off-putting name for a bar.
the rub
Mild but lingering hangover this morning. Ugh. Need to stock up on half bottles of wine because I have no self-restraint after opening a full bottle.
Had a glass of this at a wine bar (photo not mine--found on the interwebz): Was billed as a funky natural wine. I was mildly interested at first but, frankly, had a hard time finishing my glass. Kind of a mess. If this is what natural wine is like, I'm all for artifice and manipulation.
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