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Because they elicit oohs and ahhs without having a real effect on how tasty the dish is, which means that the aesthetic function is a sign of the labor involved (i.e., a justification for the price tag) in a way that's even crasser than the rest of the dining experience. (I think I might've just talked myself into liking dots for the honesty of their sheer gratuitousness.)
Let us know if/when you try it out.
Since we're on the topic of NYC restaurants in this thread, have any of you been to Betony? The NYT review piqued my interest. (Have to add that "Betony" is one of the worst restaurant names I can imagine.)
Get a call from my mom and it turns out that my dad (stoic, never go to the doctor's, I'll-die-when-I-die type) has had undiagnosed diabetes for a long time and his eyes are in poor shape. Not an immediate problem, but could turn serious over the next decade. The thought of taking care of my parents as they age has always hovered about, but this puts an edge on things.
Paired nicely with a mango Lassie.
I'm torn. On one hand, being Korean,, I've eaten lots of goat and like it very much. OTOH, being Korean, I REALLY don't like getting cheated out of $2.14 or whatever.
So I ordered dinner from a local Indian place that does delivery. Got a lamb entree and I'm pretty sure (75%, let's say) that it's actually goat. No way of telling for sure, obviously, since I'm not about to send it to a lab or anything. But I'm curious if swapping goat for lamb is standard subterfuge for places that make heavily spiced, stew-like dishes. Or maybe I'm just paranoid.
Yeah, when I first moved here, I thought, "This is inferior but way more livable." That wears off after a few years. I don't hate it here or anything, but the ennui definitely creeps in. When I visit NYC, I generally can't afford the world-class institutions, shopping, and restaurants. But I feel better the instant my feet hit the pavement--there's just more energy. And I can say this as someone who lived in Queens during my short stint as as a New Yorker. Oh, and Philly...
Come to think of it, whenever I peruse this thread to check out the complaint du jour, I think to myself, "Yeah, but obviously, it's still better than Philly." But JFK is the exception.
The toll on the Verrazano seems to go up a buck or two every goddamn time I drive to New York. And it's especially infuriating when the toll to get out of town is a couple of bucks more than the toll in, just to screw with my expectations.
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