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Frankly, I wouldn't mind going to Chutney Town. Mango chutney. Cranberry chutney. Other forms of chutney. All kind of tasty in their own way.
American sailors really are the best.
wait wait wait I take it back I think I might have a beer tonight [[SPOILER]]
That Zarathustra sure does get around.
My apologies--this sobriety is making me irascible.My apologies--I'm generally an irascible drunk.
I'd yellow knight you from gomestar's mockery, but Jesus you're a bundle of failure.
I've also been trying to dry out after drinking too much for a few weeks. Day three = "man, I could really go for a glass or two of wine." I'm sure tomorrow will be, "Can life really be this boring?"
Some wine that I ordered arrived via UPS. The bottles were all warm / borderline hot. I order a good bit of wine online and I've never had the bottles arrive feeling this warm out of the box.
This doesn't sound good, although it also sounds like it can be stopped: http://www.forbes.com/sites/gregorymcneal/2014/06/09/fda-may-destroy-american-artisan-cheese-industry/
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