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Pug is one of the least tasty breeds.
Living in unhip Philly, I have to wait until I can personally loathe this style of coffee.
Campari + soda as an aperitivo (dinner's in the oven).
Got cable TV set up in my new apartment. Shlepped TV back from girlfriend's place. Realized that my Comcast package does not include Bravo. Guess I'll watch tonight's episode online tomorrow.
But I always her (and her expansive, seemingly world-filling bosom) on Top Chef.
Was flipping through the channels on a TV at the gym and caught Gail Simmons on some no-name daytime talk show. She was blind tasting cheap and expensive versions of some varietals. She ended up picking (with a strong preference) an $8 Trader Joe's Sauvignon Blanc over Silex. Wasn't sure whether to or She also picked Two Buck Chuck over some pricey Cab Sauv I'd never heard of. (Maybe she had some sort of deal with TJ's.)
Talking Headscheese
Isn't suppressed libido a side effect of Propecia? Sounds like a win-win situation.
Been reading some interesting back-and-forth & analysis about the last episode. I'm intrigued by people who appreciated it on very different grounds--that it was an exercise in translating a short story into a television serial, for example, which led to an experiment with a "bottle" episode format. Still not convinced I liked it, but I like having my own assumptions & expectations questioned.
New Posts  All Forums: