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^ I'd accuse you of being excessively testy but we all know of your deficiencies in that department.
I'm totally over pooh-poohing elitism.
This is an argument by declaration couched in an appeal to different perspectives (sports fans vs. non-sports fans). I could play this game, too, of course: as a (casual) sports fan and a (professional) academic, I could just say that absolutely big-time athletics undermines academic values. But that would spiral us straight into bullshit CE territory. Also, you keep using the word "unsavory," as if my critique boils down to some vague and banal question of personal taste....
^ That's only a meaningful rebuttal if you think that the upshot of that infographic is: "we need to stop paying coaches so much money because it's a net loss." For me, the message of that infographic is: is this what we're really valuing? When we're talking about public salaries, shouldn't we have at least a little bit of buffer between market demands/forces vs. other forms of (moral/social/political) value? Some of us pinko commies actually are troubled by the disparity...
as an (asian-american) english prof, my lucrative side consulting gig would be tutoring some rich asian dimwit and charging his parents $250 an hour
FWIW, much of the money to be made in academia is in administration. The administrative bloat is completely out of control now and there doesn't seem to be a way of curbing it since, uhh, the administrators are in charge. And also, any academic who actually wants to make some money and doesn't have lots of family money secretly needs the (largely unpleasant) possibility of being an administrator as an option. All the needless administrators are, IMHO, a huge waste of...
but how many annum does that guy go through in a year?
bro do you even superego
that dude's always spending like $200 on > to attract the young ladies
Hadn't formulated an obvious fact about my life until just now: in my mid-30s, I've attained a professional/personal role that makes it pretty common for eighteen to twenty-one year old women to develop fairly conspicuous crushes on me. Yet due precisely to my professional/personal role, my only responses are: - chuckle and think of it as a meaningless perq and nothing more (the respectable tenable option); - act and become a professional/personal disgrace (the midlife...
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