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One of my closest, rowdiest friends rolled up into town and led me into temptation. Bad knockoff poutine, chicken wings, Gruet sparkling, legendary drunken undergrad burger joint (at normal supper time, sans drunken undergrads), cheese plate, cheap NV champers, Foris red blend from Oregon, pretty lousy Cremant, Rioja, Jumilla. About half of the evening in the company of an author of a best-selling novel whom we had thought, back in the day, was just a goofy MFA student.
Ha, no--very tall blonde.
Sounds like I've gotta go out and look for this ossau stuff.
Ahh, ok. Was just curious if your class was taught by a friend of mine.
A class in the English department?
^ Didn't realize that $90 was a really good price. Sold out quickly.
Just got an e-mail advertising a sale on Chateau d'Yquem Ygrec. I didn't even know this wine existed. Out of my price range and doesn't quite seem like it'd be my thing, but the write-up piqued my curiosity. [[SPOILER]] Have any of you tried this?
I just had a flashback to being a kid and watching Beverly Hills Cop on (network) television. I was totally bewildered and delighted that everybody kept calling Eddie Murphy "asshole" but that somehow the censors hadn't bleeped it out. It took me a long time to realize that his name was Axel.
^ That sounds like a relatively sweet margarita, no?
The type-set proofs for my book manuscript are full of errors. I hadn't anticipated this since I'm new to the process--I thought the time-consuming previous round of proofreading was the final push. Ugh. Plus, if I make too many changes, I'll apparently be charged for additional costs.
New Posts  All Forums: