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^ At least as of two years ago or so, Jever was ubiquitous in Brooklyn. Pretty much on the menu at every place I went to. Couldn't figure out why--it's totally unremarkable, in my opinion.
It's Cider Week here in central VA, so I succumbed to the mini-hype and bought a local dry cider. I thought it would be an approximation of a nice dry cider from Normandy. I was wrong--it sucks. Flavorless.
Probably a good amount of truth to this.Why must you tantalize us like this?
So we have different ideas about what Wells was lampooning: low/middle-brow dining or a guy who's now making a lot of money by representing low/middle-brow fare and is now peddling really bad, overpriced versions of that in Times Square. The latter aim seems fine with me while the former is mean-spirited. But I suppose things aren't that clear cut.
Huh, poked around some of his recent reviews and found this as the opening of the review of the 21 Club, which is described as a fun, old-timey place to have drinks even though it serves shitty food:Maybe once he described this desire in a segment of his audience, he figured he should set about satisfying it.
I haven't followed the new NYT food critic at all. I certainly hope this is a novelty one-off and not one in a series of shitty restaurant put-downs.
The NYT review is petty, utterly gratuitous, and one-note. On the other hand, it is Guy Fieri.
Hadn't even realized that the new season had started. It'll have to be great for the show to reclaim my interest after last season. Having watched half of the first episode on a choppy bootleg internet feed, I can say that a) I'll be rooting for Kristen and b) I hate novelty facial hair. Addendum: those omelettes looked terrible.
The anaerobic part seems to be the important distinction.
Someone needs to make a baseball out of pink cashmere. It could become the official SF souvenir.
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