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Why don't you ask the guy who made a blanket pronouncement to qualify what he means? We're just trying to throw piss some facts into the stiff breeze of assholery.
One big wrinkle in this, though: since Christianity successfully tag-teamed up with Rome, Jewishness has been the exemplary form of stubborn particularity that not only resists universalism but also reveals universalism as arising out of a particularity that it wants to deny. Not sure if the dogmatic insistence that America (as proponent of global-capitalism-as-democracy) defends Israel in particular (an insistence on that particularity being affixed to its...
enough with your false equivalences!the irish are cute and weird! i know because i eat lucky charms for dinner every night.
hey, you forgot to provide a (necessarily imperfect but still handy) list that will be conveniently ignored:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Terrorism_in_the_United_States
two abrahamic religions have certain branches that not only denounce homosexuals but also call for their killing. to be fair, i didn't insist they were exact equivalents--i asked if there was a meaningful difference since, in this recent christian case, the pastor asked for the state to carry out executions. but you're so smug you didn't even answer my question seriously.ps - no i have not mentioned the crusades. i mentioned this news article from june 15, 2016.
hey, is this one of those dangerous ideas we should worry about? or is it a-ok because it sponsors state-sponsored violence, which is totally cool and safe? plz advise http://ktla.com/2016/06/15/pastor-defends-hate-filled-sermon-on-orlando-shootings/
yeah, stop being smug fuuma it hurts our feelings
This actually cuts to the heart of the matter so I'll respond to it. I'm sure this sounds like a neat, tenable distinction to you, but it's false.First, the relatively stupid response: you do realize that Irish Catholics were committing acts of (what were labeled) terrorism until the 1990s? If your tidy "perception" vs. "accuracy" question were a valid one, the answer might very well be that Irish Catholics were really dangerous even in recent memory.But this points to the...
check mate, ethanmyou are arguing with a bona fide scientician heretheir eyes are looking in different directionsthey are inbredthere is inbreeding in afghanistanare they afghani or are they dancerqed motherfucker
Eh, "I got pissed off working at Wal-Mart in Amarillo and took hostages until the SWAT team came and killed me" is so American it should've been a country song. We should posthumously change that guys name to Moe Morgan.
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