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Holy shit, I had no idea that was a phrase. I guess I made it all up in my head.I should go have a drink.
As the camera panned to Brazilian fans doing the wave, one commentator remarked on the "Mexican wave." I thought to myself, "Did that guy just say 'Mexican wave?'" And the five or ten ensuing seconds of silence confirmed that that's exactly what the other commentator was thinking as well. I could only imagine that he silently mouthed to the other commentator, "What the fuck? Did you just say 'Mexican?'" The only available response being a guilty shrug. Then finally, the...
For those of us watching on ESPN: the aftermath of the "Mexican wave" comment was painfully, hilariously awkward
^ well, in all fairness, he could've forced the Germans to score on some penalty kicks by fouling them
Well our questions about Brazil seem to have been answered within three minutes.
^ It would've been even more interesting if it'd been Brazil v. Argentina, of course, but I think a match against the Netherlands is still a good litmus test. Winning against the Dutch would still mean something, even if it doesn't quite salvage the team's dignity. And despite van Gaal's public remarks about the third-place match, one hopes the Dutch players themselves would be out to prove that they can beat up on Brazil too.
^ fair enough, but in my defense: I only resorted to the cliché as a response to pBOOTH's absurd claim that Mexican food sucks.
It's just an evident truth to me since I grew up in a place with excellent Mexican food. I'm not responsible for the statement of a fact becoming faddish.NYC pizza hasn't really recovered from the Una Pizza Napoletana guy moving to San Francisco. But there's still plenty of good pizza around.
In my typically perverse fashion, I think I'm looking forward to the third-place match more than the final
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