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Just when you think GF couldn't be any more wretched, he resorts to begging for Chipotle coupons. This makes pre-cooked rice and marinated steak tips seem respectable life choices by comparison.
That sucks. How old is JrG? Maybe it's one of those cases where children end up being surprisingly okay or even indifferent when adults might expect more emotions. Of course, I'm just talking out of my optimistic ass since I have no parenting experience myself. Hope the Ralph Wiggum pug defies expectation and returns home.
In my defense, the only thing I said to him was, "wrong thread, numbnuts." Otherwise, I was shooting the shit with Piob. [[SPOILER]]
Have any of you tried watching Will Arnett's new Netflix show Flaked? It takes place in & is all about Venice and seems to feature Gjelina prominently (I'm not 100% sure--I've never been to the place but a restaurant referred to as "GJ" is one of the settings). I wanted to enjoy the show if only for its setting but judging from its first episode, it's absolutely horrible.
"I can only imagine that the state of your own dress shoes is deplorable!" Sick burn on SF. Completely ineffective IRL.
Actually pretty interesting, despite being a Buzzfeed article: http://www.buzzfeed.com/mckaycoppins/mormon-voters-really-dont-like-donald-trump-heres-why#.bipQ3O01aD
I'm kinda diggin' the idea of a shoe-tree gun that shoots a cedar shell at lethal velocity
that was litotes
Sorry--I should have been clearer. Trump himself seems to like and support assholes who commit battery out of their zeal. Sometimes, Trump even hires such assholes to be part of his campaign. And Trump really doesn't seem to mind being a caricature at all. But you're right. I really should take much more seriously the incandescent ideas and profundity of human emotions that make people want Trump to be president. I'm going to go mediate deeply on the very notion of...
New Posts  All Forums: