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Why don't you just cut out the middle man [sic] and make love with your employees? Or with your customers in exchange for six or seven bowels of chili? Or just with the chili?
Shit--glad to hear the improved news but obviously sounds super stressful.
^ hey I drove that recently. It was fun--like maneuvering an alpine sled or something
well at least that bathroom has less brown stuff smeared on it than your dinner plate
I had this exact problem. It's a tricky one to solve--just PM me your PayPal info and social security number and I'll help you out.
When I lived in Charlottesville, Virginia, I would often scream with rage as I waited behind a driver who wouldn't go into the intersection to make a turn on yellow but would rather just sit and wait for the next green (or green arrow). The few times I actively honked, the drivers looked completely perplexed, as if making a left turn the proper way was completely foreign to them. The town had some of the least skilled, most maddeningly passive drivers I've encountered.
hey could you PM me the details about this new opening in procurement at ontario power? kthx
Constantly spout racist shit? Then I'll call you racist.Post pictures of a half-gnawed chicken thigh smeared in store-bought sauce? I'll call you disgusting.Now if you need to mewl further, reach me at any one of the other threads in which I'm active. Posting here makes me throw up in my mouth.
you are disgusting
Ugh, and why the fuck am I in the daily ramblings of piob thread in the first place?
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