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I'm only nice to people who pay tuition
Try reading for content. Sometimes I use bullet points, just for readers like you!More argument by fiat. And the weaselly qualifiers "most of the muslims" and an appeal to some vague "average" (that exists only in your worldview) don't help.Arguments like "most Muslims, you know, like most of them don't assimilate as well as East Asians" are convincing only among those who share your worldview. A worldview in which entire swaths of the global population can be lumped...
As someone who only watches the sport when there's a major international competition afoot*, I love watching Reynaldo. It's like a constant state of low-level wonder: "Everyone says he's really good. Why is he such a fuckup every time I watch him? Do I somehow make him nervous whenever I watch?" * - note to Piob: that's a pun
No, it's the guy who adopted Webster
3. Buy Silly Putty.
1) You keep repeating that 79% number as if it's decisive proof of a practical threat. Even given the imperfections of any such opinion poll, it's absolutely true that such a belief is alarming. That's a shitty form of fundamentalism. But fortunately, beliefs don't always correlate directly to action. (A shockingly high number of Americans believe in shit like guardian angels; if they *really* believed in such things, I wouldn't even want them operating heavy machinery on...
No, you don't understand. A real proof is an actual history.
Nice try at cleverness. Except you didn't deploy a pun; you deployed a paraprosdokian. [[SPOILER]]
If only there were some network of information that would allow us to search internet quotations to verify their attributions.
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