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yeah, stop being smug fuuma it hurts our feelings
This actually cuts to the heart of the matter so I'll respond to it. I'm sure this sounds like a neat, tenable distinction to you, but it's false.First, the relatively stupid response: you do realize that Irish Catholics were committing acts of (what were labeled) terrorism until the 1990s? If your tidy "perception" vs. "accuracy" question were a valid one, the answer might very well be that Irish Catholics were really dangerous even in recent memory.But this points to the...
check mate, ethanmyou are arguing with a bona fide scientician heretheir eyes are looking in different directionsthey are inbredthere is inbreeding in afghanistanare they afghani or are they dancerqed motherfucker
Eh, "I got pissed off working at Wal-Mart in Amarillo and took hostages until the SWAT team came and killed me" is so American it should've been a country song. We should posthumously change that guys name to Moe Morgan.
not if you're a bonobo
1) The guardian angel thing was a jokey analogy. Pedantry time: in an analogy, the two things being compared don't have to be equal in magnitude as long as they share a logical structure. The logical structure here is: people believe or say they believe lots of things, but those things don't necessarily translate into action. We have laws regulating actions (like murder); when it comes to the very number that you keep citing, we haven't seen a spat of violence (Afghans...
I'm only nice to people who pay tuition
Try reading for content. Sometimes I use bullet points, just for readers like you!More argument by fiat. And the weaselly qualifiers "most of the muslims" and an appeal to some vague "average" (that exists only in your worldview) don't help.Arguments like "most Muslims, you know, like most of them don't assimilate as well as East Asians" are convincing only among those who share your worldview. A worldview in which entire swaths of the global population can be lumped...
As someone who only watches the sport when there's a major international competition afoot*, I love watching Reynaldo. It's like a constant state of low-level wonder: "Everyone says he's really good. Why is he such a fuckup every time I watch him? Do I somehow make him nervous whenever I watch?" * - note to Piob: that's a pun
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