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I'm watching the Expansive Ocean Vista channel on my TV.
Jesus, hadn't seen sonick's post when I posted my trivial lament. Sorry to hear and +1 on the good luck wishes for the job search.
Scored an amazing deal a sport coat on Yoox. Fits nearly perfectly without any alterations--except for the dreaded shoulder divots. Will probably have to return because I can't ignore the damn things and I can't live my life in robo-pose.
They can bore me or I can bore them. I get paid the exact same amount either way. I'm making the rational choice.
It's time to relegate meteorology to the dustbin of pseudoscience, along with phlogiston theory and phrenology.
Ooh, a pedagogical discussion in the WAYWRN thread. I just taught a seventy-five minute class. I talked for about seventy two of those minutes. I might've bored them to tears but as god as my witness one of these days I'm finally going to convince undergrads that biblical typology is really important to understand. Come to think of it, I'm going to give it a try in my next class, which starts in twenty minutes.
Enhance! Enhance Man, that's a really funny comic strip.
Most days of my life: man, teaching is sort of a drag and cramps my lifestyle. Today: God and Nature, why must you scorn me with this foul weather that threatens to keep me from my life's work as a teacher of young minds!
New Posts  All Forums: