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http://nypost.com/2014/12/01/chef-acccused-of-serving-worst-cuts-to-asians-upper-west-siders/ (oops, didn't see this had already been posted )
No. Living in Philly means a lot of flights on US Airways. US Airways is hands down the worst. US Airways is like the kira of airlines.
A holiday moment from the streets of Philadelphia Homeless panhandler (who may or may not have any legs--I couldn't quite tell): "Hey, chinaman, can you help me out?" Me [tone of exaggerated incredulity]: "You just called me a chinaman!" Both of us laugh heartily as I walk away.
Well, we had extra bottles and I ended up with one (seemed wrong to refuse it outright). I'll let you know if I actually drink it. I'm probably just going to make sangria with it, though.
I really, really dislike that style of California pinot--sweet & overextracted with lots of vanilla. To be fair, the friend who brought it had liked the 2012 a lot more and said the 2013 was markedly inferior.
This would've worked except Thanksgiving was at a friend's house and I didn't have extensive cooking duties. I was far more brazen about it: my girlfriend and I brought some of our own wine as an extra contribution and then we mostly drank that while taking obligatory turns of the bad wine. Turned out okay because the friends who brought the Meiomi realized that it wasn't good (and said so, a claim that we all halfheartedly denied). That stuff was exactly as bad and in...
^ this is 'murica. If you want to eat and drink like that on Thanksgiving, move to Italy!
2009 Socré Barbaresco. For a poor man's Barbaresco, it's not bad at all--very short finish, but perfectly pleasant. Alas, it'll be a somewhat grim Thanksgiving for wine. Some friends volunteered to get the wine and they apparently went out and bought a bunch of Meiomi pinot.
y'all got any more of that french butter?
Do you also share your hotel rooms with a roommate?
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