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Good luck man.Are you asking for yourself or just out of curiosity? Because if you're asking for yourself, I'll just be blunt about it: you don't have a field (classics or philosophy or creative writing) and you're asking some basic questions on a men's fashion forum. If you're concerned at all about actually having employment some day, grad school isn't really for exploring or dabbling in a field. You already have to be prepared to specialized to know what you're doing as...
Yeah, everything's gotten even more fucked for the humanities in the last five years.
close only a few hundred years off
because you tell someone you're an english professor and you wrote a book and they often assume it's like some sort of fun book. "monograph" is meant to signal "i wrote a boring book that five people have read."and yes, i specialize in a narrow field within english literature, but i refrained from saying which to protect whatever flimsy pretense of anonymity i have left on sf
you attended the sorbonne recently and they were assigning articles about the heteronormativity of friends?
lol did you attend the sorbonne in the 1980s
but hey maybe you're right. it's not like putin's been actively annexing territory with military force. and it's not like we just elected a president who at times during the election either didn't know about this or pretended not to know. maybe i'm overreacting. i bet putin doesn't care about this election at all. and he probably thinks nato is swell.
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