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sometimes you just have to find the right orifice
BLM was actually responsible for the lynchings in American history. Mofos developed a hot tub time machine in Detroit, zapped themselves back in time, and whipped up white anger. Also, they forced NASA to fake the moon landing.
it's the holiday spirit [[SPOILER]]
Shoe circle guessing game: who's most likely to wear velcro shoes? My money's on greger.
Let's discuss something utterly uninteresting: why does Piob post so goddamned much?
Persuasive and sophisticated thinking, as always.Maybe you should just stick to your fucking bird pictures.
Let's just methodically lay out what a disingeuous shitforbrains you are, once again:- your position is that the left deploys excessive accusations of racism- your own rhetoric here suggests that that position is less of a principled one and more of a seat of resentment. You take glee in doing that very thing you take exception to--making something about race/racism- your resentment papers over the actual issue here: Ben Carson is unqualified for this positionSo to sum up:...
This is fucking insane:https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/local/wp/2016/12/04/d-c-police-respond-to-report-of-a-man-with-a-gun-at-comet-ping-pong-restaurant/?utm_term=.20e90f7fbd0c
If you're moving 1,000 miles away, what the fuck do you care? Just say, "No, I would prefer not to."
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