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Wow, this is really a concentrated, pure, distilled form of stupidity. Frankly, I'm impressed.
Had given up on the show but my girlfriend started watching this season and said it was funny again. Not fully caught up yet but actually pretty good.
A drinking establishment in which one can play the game of shuffleboard, which has long been the butt of jokes as supposedly being only for geriatrics--which game thus affords the possible kinds of late-capitalist pleasures for younger patrons:a) amusement that one is playing what has been long mocked as an old-person's gameb1) realization that shuffleboard is actually fun, in which an ironic framework houses non-ironic enjoyment, orb2) realization that shuffleboard really...
yes that is a fair comparison seeing as how Connecticut's women's team has won four national titles in the last four years and Duke's men's team has won five titles total
I've only been to Lotus of Siam once and I was a little underwhelmed by the food. Maybe my expectations were too high, or maybe our table didn't order wisely. It wasn't bad, of course, but it didn't strike me as so much better than the best Thai places in L.A. or Queens. The wine list is pretty incredible for a Thai place.
not gonna lie--it looks more like the results of my hangover
You insensitive asshole you know I'm a double amputee and I type with my toes
Goddammit just realized that in a selfie I posted to Facebook last night I look like
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