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oh jesus asbergers christ
you should ask your sixty year-old roommate to explain what "extrapolate" means
this, you cheap sadsack
if i were in a room with hitler, osama bin laden, and mulan and i had a gun with two bullets, i would pass the gun to hitler and osama so they could each shoot mulan once [[SPOILER]]
and just think that some of us actually tip our bartenders without going around asking if we have to tip
if the title of the thread doesn't get changed back, i propose that we track mulan wherever he posts and mock him mercilessly so, you know, just treat him as if he were edina
Yes, I sure will be full of joy when I walk under a rat-infested tunnel packed with seedy people waiting for bus to eat some dim sum that would be considered middling in better cities.I'm confused--I thought you fancied yourself a Jabba kind of man.
Hahahahaahah Eagles. Hahahahahhaha weeks of idiot bros talking about Super Bowl contention while praising the virtues of Yuengling. God I hate this city and my only joy is schadenfreude. Life is meaningless.
Just got an e-mail from a local bar advertising these beers on tap this week: Hanssens Oude Lambic, Hanssens Scarenbecca Kriek, OEC Brewing Artista Zynergia: Oudilis. Know nothing about any of them--worth checking out?
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