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does your chili come with breadsticks? it should come with breadsticks.
I see you took the elective humor writing course during your time at Cooley Law.
you just got l'inc-rolled
Well, it's on the front page of Gawker now, so that's a start.
Why do people send out greeting cards that are photos of their kids or of their families? Do they think people want to display photos of other people's families? I just received one from a family that happens to be pretty religious, which seems weirder: to celebrate the birth of Christ, here's a photo of us! Please cherish it.
^ Enough with the white ressentiment bullshit. There's a huge groundswell against police violence in general (as well as against minorities in particular). This video is fucking insane. Where's the "accidental" label coming from (I know the video is tagged as such)? It looks, uhh, non-accidental to me, but I know nothing about guns or trigger discipline or whatever.
New Posts  All Forums: