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2003 called. To laugh at you.
my name isobellamarried to myselffa
Sixty thousand posts And then: a streetwear ninja. Wife says me gusta.
"Move it to CE" opens questions of the limits between political and non-political speech. This in and of itself is a controversial and politicized question. So "move it to CE" belongs in CE--please don't use it here.
Now that Isobella has passed beyond her temporal Styleforum existence, she can be my internet Beatrice and guide me toward e-Paradise.
i'm as disappointing irl as i am on the interwebs
As Augustine discovered when he observed Ambrose, it is fully possible to read without reading out loud.
My Duckie Brown shell Cordovan shoes have arrived. Ah--they're just shellac. Are Allen Edmonds Shoes? Or overpriced shoe trees? To be rich, like Vox.
I'm watching the Expansive Ocean Vista channel on my TV.
New Posts  All Forums: