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what happens in an RV stays in the RV
My (academic and specialized) book was just reviewed in a janky local city paper (not my city--in fact, a city I've never visited) by some eccentric kook who seems to write half the articles for this paper. As of last night, the review was on the front page of their website, right under an article about gay camping & RVIng.
I lied--I drank five bottles of wine and passed out in the parking lot of Pea Soup Andersen's
^ the last one I tried was in your beloved Central Coast region, at a wine tasting room that had a full bar/restaurant outside of Buellton. I got to sample lots and lots of rubber/asphalt-tasting pinot noirs with high abvs. Might be up your alley.
I have no idea how Dutch pronunciation works, but I'd guess that L'Inc's last name is supposed to sound like someone trying to spit out a viscous, sticky substance in exaggerated fashion
Hmm, this exchange has forced me to think about why I actually do like wine bars. I think it has something to do with a kind of mutual pact of lowered expectations. From the establishment: "We're not really that good at making fancy food, so we're not going to call ourselves a restaurant. But we'll try to serve some good snacks out of which you can assemble a meal." From the establishment to the patron: "So you can come in and spend a little or a lot. Stay for thirty...
^ dude, you're in Barcelona. You should be drinking disgusting Moritz or Estrella like everyone else. Life is good enough there that you don't have to mask the misery of existence with fancy beers
Steak and Barolo for me too. Except my Barolo was made in the MAN ZONE. [[SPOILER]]
^ v. envious
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