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I had some saison brett yesterday. I can only assume it was delicious--since I have a cold, I could barely taste anything.
one of the busiest weekends of the year for me at work came down with a head cold
^ can't wait until you post tomorrow morning from the toilet
Are you screening new fifty year-old roommates? If so, you seem to be trying too hard.
^ jesus, you can't even feed yourself without failing
pB is a middle-aged Asian woman?
^ Hmm, what I originally meant was: this list strikes me as tremendous for a not very spendy restaurant. I guess my perceptions have been skewed, but the markups look really reasonable as well.
check out this wine list--at a place where the most expensive regular item on the dinner menu seems to be $24: http://rebellenyc.com/menus/wine.pdf i gotta get out of philly
UPS delivery at the office. Looking forward to trying this because I like NV Bollinger and have never tried any of their vintage champagnes.
dude, I'm pretty harmless
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