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In that case, I was mostly trimming the bush (proofreading)
If peace is one of the key desiderata and all discriminatory options are on the table, then we should probably just bar all male immigrants. Wheee this stupid game of pretend hypothetical governance sure is fun.
I shall when they kick me out of the reading room at 4 p.m.
we're off to the Huntington, where our readers' access to the library will get us free air conditioning
TIL that roycru is literally as well as figuratively cooler than the rest of us. Linen and shorts for me in this LA heatwave.
I don't have a subscription to the Washington Post, so I can't read the article. The split second of access showed me the title, which proclaims that this fellow had reported the guy to the FBI. Way to bury the lede, Ataturk. But at any rate, I'll just take your word for it that this same fellow (who had reported the killer to the FBI) goes on to rely excessively on the denial of guilt-by-association when it comes to his own mosque. So how far would you like us, in...
From the right wingnut playbookfrom the chapter "Calmer Than You Are": what if 20,000 were killed in a chemical attack? No really, what then? You'd be sorry then, librul! And stop being emotional; I'm being rational by conjuring up a horrifying scenario that would affirm my worldview!from the chapter "Europe is Socialist and Multicultural and Full of Soccer--So Gross": Sweden is terrible it is full of Muslims what a godawful place their moral fabric will collapse Bonus!...
as someone who grew up in the Valley, i'm secretly glad everyone has to suffer the way we've always suffered
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