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Was shocked to see Lopez de Heredia Tondonia on sale at wtso.com today. The weakest recent vintage (2002) but still an instakop for me.
we run together and do pull-ups. coldsalmon: forever alone
they're probably all ruined and it's your fault for having them shipped in this weather
JFC why has this turned into the "things that are confirming that i'm a white dude" thread
I really don't understand the appeal of chili without beans. Why would I want to eat sloppy joe filling?
Neckties have flown in All the way from Korea Claghorn's arms are tired
Making me happy: recently stumbled upon magnums of a Spanish wine that I like--Anima Negra's An/2, from Mallorca--for $30.
oh i know why i'm wearing a diaper all right
Suck it up. He's your good friend. You don't look nearly as good as you think you do anyways.
New Posts  All Forums: