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I'm sure you'll find a way to hand pull your noodle no matter where you live.
K&L two miles away. Am also stoked about trying Night + Market for the first time.
W. Hollywood. Girlfriend will have a rental car but I'm looking forward to putzing around drunk. Might walk over to the Formosa.
Also, I'm a halfhearted Francophile, but if producing singularly beautiful women is the criteria for national greatness, then I'm afraid Italy wins.
Heading to L.A. on Sunday, where I'll camp out for several weeks before and after a UK conference. Will be in walking distance to a lot of places, which will be pretty new for me in L.A.
Very good.
Enjoyed poking around the blog. You should revive/update it!
As a poor immigrant boy, I couldn't help but be pretty aggrieved by this.
Yes, I have no doubt that the North crafted various narratives about the Civil War--its motivations, what the outcome meant, etc. That's what happens in war (the application of a social-science term doesn't really add much to that basic and familiar knowledge). I'm also sure that any assumptions that the North fought the Civil War for reasons that align with 20th or 21st-century views of racial equality are naive. So congrats! Your view is smarter than someone with a...
Or, why can't we just say that--as in a lot of cases--there's a dynamic (and, in the real-time moment, often unpredictable) interplay between moral/ethical values and demographic/practical realities? You don't have to straw-man a belief in the importance of ethical imperatives (e.g., abolitionism, with the sleight-of-hand shift into "equality" propping up the straw-man argument) as if that kind of belief is blithely unaware of and divorced from practical politics. All this...
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