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if so, i hope you reminded gf to tip at least 15%
^ now that you put it that way, I can't blame her for ignoring us.
The '04 Bosconia was quite good. The event was stupid--not an event at all. Lopez de Heredia did up with her entourage or whatever but she sat at her own table. Some staff went up and said hello to her, but otherwise, she did nothing (like talk to people about wine). And two weird things: 1) she was drinking beer and 2) a former student of mine was in her group. I don't remember her name because she was kind of a dullard who never said anything.
My cursive is pretty on point. Thanks, family-run evangelical parochial elementary school!
Huh? b10s, CG, and others have long talked about Spanish wines here.
They're not really hippies. More like really, really overworked nerds. Resulting hygiene pretty similar, though, I guess.
I've never tried the '04 Bosconia. I've had the '02 and really liked it even though that was apparently an awful vintage for Rioja.
Lots of students in my classes often show up sick (hacking and blowing their noses), but the weird thing is that they often just kind of remain sick for weeks on end. Grosses me out to no end since I'm a germaphobe.
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