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There was but mulan bitched about its title and it was changed to the "Poopie Things My Family Does to Get Me All Flustered" thread and everyone stopped posting in it.
that sounds disgusting--it probably has overwhelming amounts of flavor for a beverageyou should try some chivas regal or perhaps an asian adjunct lager
my only working theory is that korean food is such a disgusting cacophony of flavor that koreans want their beverages to be flavorlessi find the people who are most like me are sixty to seventy year-old whiteys
speaking of purgatory, i am now drinking chivas regal. because that's the booze available at my parents' house, just like every other korean american household.
did you marry a magical unicorn bride
a place where interacting with korean americans is a welcome relief sounds like purgatory merry christmas
GreenFrog edit
even the mice in my apartment call me a fucking foreigner and throw batteries at me
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