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Went to my car to go to work yesterday. Realized someone had broken in and had rummaged through stuff (registration info, insurance, oil change and gas station receipts--all the shit that was crammed in the compartment under the middle armrest). Nothing stolen--not even the quarters in my change holder. No damage to the vehicle at all. Pretty creepy and have no idea WTF that was all about.
you, kira, and frog should all move in together and live happily ever after
Off to go fishing in the Schuylkill!
Two gripes: 1) On multiple occasions, I've been at nicer restaurants serving some sort of tasty, well-prepared protein (short rib, hake) in some kind of half-assed sweet Asian-ish sauce, with the result that the entire dish just kind of tasted like Chinese takeout. I guess this is some sort of unfortunate Momofuku effect? 2) Bought some fish fillets at Whole Foods. Those jerks hadn't even taken out the pinbones. (Not just one or two--lots of them.) I know it's my fault...
Yeah, really sorry to hear the sad news. Letting yourself remain sad for a while seems like a completely reasonable thing to do.
Dinner at a nice BYOB. Look two tables over (date: business bro who wearing a fleece over a dress shirt + hot but bland looking fake blonde) and notice a bottle of Menage a Trois wine sitting on the table. The fake blonde notices that I'm glancing their way and looks at me; I'm embarrassed that I've been scoffing at their supermarket wine like the judgmental asshole I am and I quickly avert my gaze. She totally thought she caught me checking her out.
Drinking a relatively cheap ($17 or so) sparking vin de Savoie. It's actually not bad at all as a light, refreshing sparkler. But what I'm enjoying most is that it clocks in at 11 percent, and after having gone through two and a half glasses or so, I feel like I could drink a bucket of this and still be okay. As a boorishly fast drinker/gulper, this is appealing.
Conferences are the highlight of an academic's life. No joke. We lead sad lives.
Betimes I had a blow out to demonstrate on my cranium my allegiance to the L.A. Guns but then the arrival of L.A. poseurs unappealed the blow out stylings and eventually I shore (cropped) my locks.
My penis ("dick") did not have the tactile quality of corn today, but I did apply some new fragrance to my nether regions in case I should encounter some pleasant relations of the erotic sort today.
New Posts  All Forums: